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Ladies on Cbeebies that I fancy

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OfficerFriendly Wed 18-May-16 14:09:09

Now before you rip into me I know that there are plenty out there who think Dr Ranj and Mr Bloom are dreamy so I'm just balancing the perspective. Since having kids I've become very familiar with Cbeebies and I have to admit a soft spot for a few of the lovely lady presenters. In no particular order:

*Cerrie Burnell: Girl next door good looks.
*Rebecca Keatley: I like her Welsh accent and something tells me she'd be very naughty in bed
*Catherine "Cat" Sandion: Very pretty, nice curvy figure
*Aneta Piotrowska: lovely accent, beautiful Slavic bone structure, seems like she'd have a good sense of humour (caution, if you're doing a google search on her make sure you specify 'Aneta Piotrowska cbeebies')

Have I missed anyone? I don't know any other kids' channels very well so happy to take suggestions from others. And if you want to mention blokes who tickle your fancy then be my guest.

TeaAddict235 Wed 18-May-16 15:05:42

pei from Show me show me.

No one else

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