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PlectrumElectrum Mon 09-May-16 22:34:40

Anyone watch this? I thought it was fab, I didn't know Ben Elton wrote it but instantly thought of Blackadder watching it. David Mitchell was great too, he's perfect in the role & all the other actors are just as good. I've not laughed so much in ages.

MorrisZapp Mon 09-May-16 22:37:34

Oh god sorry, I thought it was awful. I love David Mitchell but not in this.

PlectrumElectrum Mon 09-May-16 22:39:48

Really? I loved itgrin Ah well, maybe it's just me that enjoyed it.

ThoraGruntwhistle Mon 09-May-16 22:54:18

I've recorded it but not watched yet. I will have to report back.

atigerinmytank Mon 09-May-16 22:56:48

It was dire

Hated the canned laughter

Joskar Mon 09-May-16 23:00:54

I smiled a lot. It was fine. I think it'll settle into itself a bit. Very Blackadder.

thefemaleJoshLyman Mon 09-May-16 23:19:19

I enjoyed it, although the canned laughter was annoying. Loved 'where fore art thou' joke.

PlectrumElectrum Tue 10-May-16 00:11:36

blush I was laughing so much I didn't even notice the laughter was canned. I was a massive Ben Elton fan back in my teens, I guess his style of writing just appeals to my sense of humour. I loved all the references to privilege & class etc. So obvious Elton was digging at the tories - again! Old habits clearly die hard grin

stareatthetvscreen Tue 10-May-16 00:31:47

awful - had to switch over

poor mans blackadder

way too much ott canned laughter

TeradelFuego Tue 10-May-16 01:44:48

I like Ben Elton and his writing, and David Mitchell, and loved Blackadder, but this, while a great idea and in a similar vein, was just nowhere near as funny. Still maybe it'll improve next week.

angelos02 Tue 10-May-16 13:11:22

I think it thought it was much cleverer than it actually was. I didn't laugh once and I usually love Ben Elton's stuff.

ThoraGruntwhistle Tue 10-May-16 14:21:57

I've watched it now, I thought it was alright. I hope that character doing a bad impression of Ricky Gervais isn't in it too much, he was incredibly irritating. I'd watch it again anyway. Some funny bits.

MrsLogicFromViz Tue 10-May-16 21:28:42

I haven't laughed a great deal and cannot understand the odd Ricky Gervaisesque character either.

TheSkiingGardener Tue 10-May-16 22:21:16

I thought it was most odd and I wanted to love it but there were just too many cringe moments where the writing was very poor. Blackadder was so funny and this felt like they were trying to do that while bringing in the current trend for lowest common denominator comedy. Such a shame.

ghostoftheMNchicken Wed 11-May-16 06:52:50

Watched it last night and thought Tt had a few good moments, but that these were cancelled out by the utterly terrible bits. It was at its best when the humour was specifically about Shakespeare's writing, and at its worst with the more 'modern jokes'.

The grunting teenager thing was old when Kevin and Perry were around, and the 'uh duh' bit was just awful. Painfully cringeworthy. And too many characters too.

Davros Wed 11-May-16 22:20:32

We loved it. Should I be blush?

WhirlwindHugs Wed 11-May-16 22:23:35

I loved it too!

I loved the 'I am funny if you do the proper research' rant

Badders123 Wed 11-May-16 22:32:13

So disappointed, I really wanted to love it

PlectrumElectrum Wed 11-May-16 22:57:34

Oh I'm so glad you posted davros & whirlwind grin I was seriously regretting posting! I guess it's different strokes for different folks but I genuinely, loudly, guffawed the whole way through. I think I'll go back & watch again as I missed the 1st couple of minutes. It was the script & jokes that caught my attention as I wasn't even watching to begin with - it sounded just like Blackadder & I loved Blackadder. I'm not a huge David Mitchell fan at all but I just loved him in this. Again, it was the Blackadder-ness that really appealed. So I can kind of see why some people would think it's a poor imitation etc. I just loved it though!

It'll be a party of 3 for next instalment then, if this thread is anything to go by grinwine

GinaBambino Wed 11-May-16 23:00:41

I loved it! I laughed out loud at quite a bit of it and didn't even notice the canned laughter!

PlectrumElectrum Wed 11-May-16 23:18:05

Make that a party of 4 then Gina grin

Davros Wed 11-May-16 23:22:40

Four is a good number winewine

GinaBambino Thu 12-May-16 06:42:42

4 is a very good number. Was it a one off for Shakespeares birthday or a mini series? I watched on catch up so I didn't take note. I love stuff like that; I watch horrible histories too even though I'm 28 and have no children

Davros Thu 12-May-16 09:43:38

I too love Horrible Histories and I'm 56! I watched on iplayer too so don't know if it's a series, I hope so.
winewinewinewine here's one each

WhirlwindHugs Thu 12-May-16 09:55:42

One of 6 eps apparently more wine for us!

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