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What is big rich Texas about ????

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Susiesoap7 Sat 07-May-16 10:23:07

Just put it on , can't tell mothers from daughters, bad plastic surgery n bleached blonde hair, does anyone watch this?

Piffpaffpoff Sat 07-May-16 15:31:41

I saw it a few times, think it's just a Real Housewives type prog but about all the women in a family. I didn't like it much.

There is a Real Housewives of Dallas just started in the US, I've seen a couple of them. It looks promising!

RTKangaMummy Sat 07-May-16 15:47:27

I used to watch it

Like the Real Housewives but also includes the kids of very rich families that all belong to a country club (sort of like a very expensive golf club) but there is a pool as well as golf and dancing and bar etc

They are just a group of very rich women and their children who all b**ch about each other and shout and scream at each other then are best friends

Susiesoap7 Sat 07-May-16 17:04:03

Think I will go back to rhony etc 🤑🤑🤑

BringMeTea Sun 08-May-16 19:46:33

God I l used to love this show. Utter utter crap but I like the southern accent and that Pamela one. What a queen beeyatch.

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