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Dance Moms - Season 6 finale !

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Envigi Thu 05-May-16 23:31:18

Anyone else watching this show and up to date!

I just watched the latest episode, the ones with the Ziegler's saying goodbye and I must admit, it was brilliant. So much DRAMA

As a huge Chloe fan, I resent Holly and the other's mums selective memory, how many freaking times did they say the Ziegler's paved the way?! Abby Lee Miller and the damn show paved the way for everyone.

Melissa's level of entitlement was ridiculous, "sorry your kids disabled but it should be about my girls this week" who even says that! Chloe, Brooke and Paige left in tears with adults screaming back and forth, Melissa should be thankful her kids got to leave on their own terms, Abby could have been much more childish and vindictive, we all know she's a grade A head case!

Jill needs to remember that Kendall is her own person, not some equipment that needs Maddie oil to work, honestly, what mother calls her own kids 2nd best in the way that she does!

I love Ashlee but then I also loved Christi who a lot of people hated, so I don't really have the best taste in Dance Moms

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