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Calling members of Clone Club

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ISaySteadyOn Sat 30-Apr-16 10:05:40

Orphan Black is back. First three episodes of series 4 on Netflix! Anyone want to discuss?

WellThankYouAJPTaylor Sun 01-May-16 12:21:20

Signing in. Didn't know they were out though so will come back when I've watched them!

TheUnsullied Sun 01-May-16 12:22:18

I've watched...are you up to date?

ISaySteadyOn Sun 01-May-16 20:27:33

Up to ep 3. Helena, Alison and Donnie are amazing comic relief.

'She's a trained killer, Donnie. We're only manslaughterers' grin

Iggi999 Mon 02-May-16 23:33:23

Oh yes.

FTFOAFOSM Sun 15-May-16 17:45:34

Hell yes! DH and I are perpetually amazed at how Tatiana can play so many characters without going bonkers herself.

SlatternIsTrying Mon 16-May-16 00:07:46

Love, love, love it.

Hot Paul, Bonkers Helena, Sassy Sarah, Kooky Cosima.

Delphine, for some treason I don't like you, you are just to breathy

SymphonyofShadows Mon 16-May-16 11:23:58

Sestras! Haven't watched the most recent one yet but I'm loving it.

schbittery Mon 16-May-16 11:34:10

I've watched ep 4 - happy to discuss. Will they bring the 2 new clones into clone club?

FTFOAFOSM Mon 16-May-16 17:01:53

ooh, yes please - don't want to put spoilers up though, so how can we avoid that? Start a spoiler-marked thread? :/

schbittery Mon 16-May-16 17:16:20

could do like the game of thrones threads put episode number in the title?

SlatternIsTrying Mon 16-May-16 23:26:09

I'm up to date now, but don't want to spoil for anyone else.

Was I the only one who felt a bit queasy at the end? The swimming pool. Not to mention what Cosima witnessed.

SymphonyofShadows Wed 18-May-16 09:58:11

Up to date here too. Ah gawd, the swimming pool was not nice! And the other thing, horrible. What did Kira mean? That's a new direction.

Iggi999 Wed 18-May-16 15:13:39

I felt that too about the pool but then thinking if the ages/sexes were reversed I wouldn't care so...
I wish I'd had a warning about the event Cosima saw!!
I love love the music they play for Helena (especially when she was being evil).

SymphonyofShadows Wed 18-May-16 18:02:37

I think it was more that it's effectively her son isn't it?

SlatternIsTrying Wed 18-May-16 23:43:03

Actually I never thought of the mother son dynamic, I was just eeeuuwwing because of the age, but you are right. Whilst there would be no genetic connection, she presumably raised him, (in her weird house), from a young child.

Eeeuuww again.

I miss Hot Paul.

I know we see Tatiana's figure all the time, but she looked amazing dressed as the new clone. That girl can rock a body con dress.

Iggi999 Thu 19-May-16 07:08:35

Ooh yes yuck.

Samoyedy Thu 19-May-16 07:28:01

I can't believe there is another series! I never knew it was coming. Watched them all now. Oooh I hate waiting a week between episodes, I binge watched all the other series. I hope we get to see more of Helena she's my fave!

EmpressTomatoKetchup Thu 19-May-16 20:42:28

Yay! I love this show. Love the new clone Krystal and the Beth flashbacks.

SymphonyofShadows Thu 19-May-16 22:26:19

I thought Felix and southern girl were good casting, they have similar features

SlatternIsTrying Fri 20-May-16 23:43:05

Holy smoke Batman - that episode was amazing!

I have no idea where they are going to go with the storey.

Now we know why Beth did what she did.

And I still miss Hot Paul.

MrsFlorrick Fri 20-May-16 23:55:55

smile found my people.
I like orphan black. Lots of great comedy value and it's quite absorbing

schbittery Sat 21-May-16 01:43:41

I don't really get this one, why does it explain why Beth did what she did?

SlatternIsTrying Sat 21-May-16 07:57:16

schbittery I'm happy to discuss the Beth bit but as the episode is just out I'll wait until others have caught up.

Could someone please explain to me when Sarah had the cheek thing implanted? She wasn't known to the Neolutionists until after Beth's suicide, so presumably it was implanted sometime during the timeline we are watching, but I can't remember it being done.

SymphonyofShadows Sun 22-May-16 19:51:29

Didn't Beth have the implant when her and Kira were held by Rachel and/or Dr Leekie? She escaped by firing something (pencil?) into Rachel's eye.

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