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Is there anything good on Sky apart from Game of Thrones?

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I've got a temporary Now TV pass to take me through this series of Game of Thrones. So I have access to Sky Atlantic etc for about 11 weeks (2 months + 14 days free trial).

Is there anything that's not available on FTV which I should make the effort to watch while I have the chance?

nulgirl Sat 30-Apr-16 09:45:38

They have loads of good programmes. The Tunnel is good but you might have missed the first few episodes of the 2nd series. I love Veep which is starting again soon. There is a new series with Damian Lewis which starts the week after next called Billionaire which looks worth watching.

They also have some good one-off documentaries. Sky Atlantic is my favourite channel. I'd happily move to freeview or Virgin if I could keep Sky Atlantic.

Of course I don't want to get hooked on something that's ongoing. A box set of something that's been cancelled would be ideal, or one-off dramas like the Terry Pratchetts.

I might give Veep a go though, thanks - I love Armando Iannucci and it doesn't seem like the sort of thing that has irresistible cliff hangers.

rattata Sat 30-Apr-16 12:04:12

Billions with Damien Lewis is well worth watching. It really grew on me.

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