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Lottapianos Wed 27-Apr-16 14:37:26

Anyone else watching this? Its being shown every evening this week at 10pm. No idea why they chose to screen it like that but hey.

I've seen the first 2 episodes, shown as a double bill on Monday night. I loved it. It's extremely dark and reminded me of the League of Gentlemen. I loved the brother and sister who hate each others' guts. I loved the horrendous 'sexy' dancing to intense classical piano playing. I loved the dad who is on the edge of something very intense indeed. The mum and her terrifying engulfing need for hugs that nobody wants and her cringe-making flirting with the builders and every man in a 10 mile radius, her desperate sadness at the state of her marriage and determination to remain in denial about it. The cast are fantastic. Olivia Colman does pain like nobody else.

What I didn't get at all was the seemingly fake Japanese character confused Very strange.

CrumblyMumbly Wed 27-Apr-16 16:31:20

I love it too - I like dark humour and it's a great cast. The man playing Shun is Will Sharpe who also writes and directs it all! He was born here so is obviously putting on Japanese accent and I think he is funny too. Feel sorry for 'fat' matilda!

Lottapianos Wed 27-Apr-16 17:00:10

Glad you're watching too Crumbly! Putting on the Japanese accent seems a bit 1970s and quite offensive really. Loved everything else about it

NadiaWadia Wed 27-Apr-16 18:50:09

It's ... interesting, not exactly hilarious though. I shall carry on with it though, as it's only for a week, just to watch the amazing Olivia Coleman. I love her character in it.

SheHasAWildHeart Thu 28-Apr-16 13:08:30

I actually do find it hilarious - really clever.

IndridCold Thu 28-Apr-16 16:12:46

One of the most bonkers thing I have seen in a while, but I'm really enjoying it (if enjoy is the right word).

I feel rather sorry for Shun actually, he is one of the more sympathetic and likeable characters. Will Sharpe is half Japanese, and lived in Japan as a child. I don't find his portrayal of a weird Japanese character any more offensive than Julian Barrett's portrayal of a British character who clearly has mental health issues, or the portrayal of Abigail as a lesbian

Lottapianos Thu 28-Apr-16 17:36:39

Oh I didn't know that Indrid, thanks. His decision to play a Japanese character makes a bit more sense now!

IndridCold Thu 28-Apr-16 18:12:08

When comedy is this dark and whacky I think you sometimes have to suspend some of your finer feelings. Chris Morris got around the problem by being incredibly offensive about everyone, of course.

It will be interesting to see how it ends, when it can be judged as a whole. Although, having said that, I was just looking at the cast list, and I see that Shun's family are about to arrive. The mind boggles!

I do think it is very clever, but feel that the scheduling has done it no favours.

ApologiesToInsectLife Thu 28-Apr-16 18:15:42

I saw the first episode and I'm going to catch up with the rest tomorrow. Very dark comedy! Julian Barrett is married to Julia Davies who was in the equally dark Nighty Night. I really fancy Julian Barrett blush.

gingerboy1912 Thu 28-Apr-16 21:34:54

I'm enjoying it. Find it quite funny. love the house.

WolfAmMo Thu 28-Apr-16 22:11:57

I too am finding this hilarious in places. It's truly wacky but yet really easy to watch. I love the characters; very interesting. I'll catch tonight's on the app later.

gingerboy1912 Thu 28-Apr-16 23:40:09

I must admit I found it hilarious when he tried to hang himself on the tree and when it didn't work he just went back to his shed to do some more writinggringrin

Lottapianos Fri 29-Apr-16 03:38:40

Apologies, I fancy him too. I'm a fool for a tall beardy man

Absolutely love Julia Davis too, although all her recent stuff has been on Sky, which is banned in this house confused

WolfAmMo Fri 29-Apr-16 04:30:33

Gingerboy that bit was grin

i laughed out loud when
Nana appeared out of nowhere in the first episode in her little wig gringrin

Housemum Fri 29-Apr-16 23:44:04

I found myself wondering if it was the secret life of Mary and Giles on gogglebox!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 29-Apr-16 23:52:30

I turned it off after the first half an hour,didn't like it at all and have come to the conclusion I REALLY don't like Olivia Coleman!

RoomForASmallOne Sat 30-Apr-16 00:00:20

Loved it smile

Excellent characters.

I too fancy Julian Barrett grin

CrumblyMumbly Sat 30-Apr-16 19:11:44

I loved it and am hoping there will be a second series.

2rebecca Sat 30-Apr-16 20:53:23

I heard Olivia Coleman was in it so didn't bother

WeDoNotSow Sat 30-Apr-16 23:22:05

Just finished watching it.
Amy crossing the bridge and the Lightning made me absolutely crack up!!

Lottapianos Mon 02-May-16 08:50:03

Watched the final episode last night, which was pretty heartbreaking. What a beautifully written, strange and lovely series. I suffer from depression myself and Maurice's descriptions of how he felt made a lot of sense to me.

Surprised to hear there are people who cant stand Olivia Colman. I think she's glorious in everything - extremely funny but heartbreaking too. Her timing is impeccable and she portrays emotional pain in such a vivid way. Thought the whole cast were fantastic.

situatedknowledge Mon 02-May-16 09:03:33

That was simply an exceptional piece of TV. The funny bits were hilarious and some bits like Maurice's description of depression and Shun's loss of his family actually made me cry. I could watch it all again from start to finish.

FeckOfffCup Mon 02-May-16 09:13:30

I really fancy Julian Barrett
Me too blush
I've only seen the first episode of this but DS is very poorly atm so I'm glued to the sofa with him while he sleeps, so think I'm going to watch them all on all4 today.
To be honest it's nice to see something really different on channel 4 for a change. It's been too long since they've had a decent comedy IMO.

Lottapianos Mon 02-May-16 12:29:28

Anyone on this thread who DOESN'T fancy Julian Barrett? grin definitely not me

ApologiesToInsectLife Mon 02-May-16 13:05:25

Nothing to see here....

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