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Shakespeare anyone?

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TheDrsDocMartens Sat 23-Apr-16 20:40:02

BBC 2 now.

museumum Sat 23-Apr-16 20:42:21

Lots of easy "as you like it" to start.
I might not last through the tragedies.

TheDrsDocMartens Sat 23-Apr-16 20:51:48

I didn't like Juliet blush

VertigoNun Sat 23-Apr-16 20:53:33

I just turned over, beautiful ballet.

ElgartheCat Sat 23-Apr-16 20:55:30

Watching on catch up. What's with the singers and orchestra not being together?

TheDrsDocMartens Sat 23-Apr-16 21:02:18

The ballet was gorgeous. It fascinates me when they lift, like a person weighs nothing.

noeuf Sat 23-Apr-16 21:14:43

I'm watching - we've done R and J balconies and onto as you like it.
Not sure I love DT and CT presenting.

noeuf Sat 23-Apr-16 21:19:07

Oh I love Judi Dench.

VertigoNun Sat 23-Apr-16 21:21:53

Is she very small or is he very tall?

TheDrsDocMartens Sat 23-Apr-16 21:24:21

AM & JD were brilliant, saw John Lithgow years ago in that part, he was excellent. Saw him in the pub after it too!

noeuf Sat 23-Apr-16 21:24:21

I think she's quite titchy

noeuf Sat 23-Apr-16 21:26:11

She's 5'1''

Jaimx86 Sat 23-Apr-16 21:26:35

Really enjoying it!

BlueCowWonders Sat 23-Apr-16 21:28:18

We're really not enjoying it here sad
And had such hopes for a fab evening.
Hoping it'll get stronger

noeuf Sat 23-Apr-16 21:29:42

Yeah it's not much FUN.
I did Shakespeare at uni so was looking forward to a bit of a reunion with it all. Loved horrible histories though.

VertigoNun Sat 23-Apr-16 21:32:42

It's quite a nice mix of various arts. I am not a natural lover of any of this, I appreciate small tasters. I struggled watching a whole ballet too long and watching R&J at the Globe hard seating this is about right for me.

howabout Sat 23-Apr-16 21:33:54

Watched the cbeebies production of A Midsummers Nights Dream this morning - was fab and just made Dame Judi's bit much much funnier. This is a bit harder work but will watch on iplayer with the DC and skip the boring bits.

noeuf Sat 23-Apr-16 21:36:19

Liked that bit. Camilla looks like a good sport.

APotterWithAHappyAtmosphere Sat 23-Apr-16 21:43:30

It's pretty patchy but some good bits here and there.

Nice to have something a bit different on TV anyway.

MrsLeighHalfpenny Sat 23-Apr-16 21:47:06

We think it's a bit meh. DT and CT are dreadful, particularly CT.

APotterWithAHappyAtmosphere Sat 23-Apr-16 21:51:27

The music/singing is better than the acted parts, feels less clunky. You always have to get your 'ear in' for Shakespeare and this doesn't give you a chance to.

Quite enjoying this dance number.

Glittermud Sat 23-Apr-16 21:52:13

Ballet and jazz fusion. <Shoots self>

Glittermud Sat 23-Apr-16 21:53:01

More acting please....

Andcake Sat 23-Apr-16 21:55:48

Yes please stop the singing...

abuhamzamouse Sat 23-Apr-16 21:56:03

The othello ballet/jazz piece was excellent.

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