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American Idol, last ever series, final next week. Anyone been watching?

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Stopmithering Tue 05-Apr-16 21:59:53

I have so enjoyed watching Idol for the last few years, am going to be gutted to see it go.
This year again, so much talent!
I'm backing Trent but reckon la'Porsha might take the final title.
So, is it just me watching?
Have really enjoyed watching for a few years now.
Such a range of talent and style, proper singers, and the judges tool!
Never thougt I'd like old Jenny from the block, slightly in love with Keith Urban, amused by Harry, liked the other judges from previous years too.
Such a shame it's the last one.

AmIbeingaBitch Thu 07-Apr-16 17:28:36

Simon Fuller has announced that a re-vamped version will be aired. No way would this show disappear!
La'Porsha doesn't need to win. She's a natural star, like Adam Lambert.
I do wonder what happened to Candice Glover.

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