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Stan Lee's Lucky Man - disappointed

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Jollielolly Mon 28-Mar-16 20:29:59

I found the first couple of episodes good, lost track in the middle few (probably wasn't paying enough attention with DD distracting me all the time) and then really got back into it during episode 7. I watched the last episode the other day on catch up and I can't say enough how disappointed I was with the ending! Was it just me or did it feel like there should be one more episode? Or are they trying to get another series made?

freddiemed Mon 28-Mar-16 23:37:27

There is going to be another did set it up for that perfectly. Enjoyed it but mainly because of James Nesbitt, could watch him in anything! Some of it was so ridiculously far fetched, especially that his super-lawyer ex wife would have got together with slimy prison governor...

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