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Ok someone pick something awesome for me to watch on netflix tonight.

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RudeElf Sun 27-Mar-16 20:00:42

Every evening i go to watch something and i browse for ages to see if anything looks good. Click on a few things and am turning them off within minutes. I then fall back on tried and tested sitcoms ive watched a million times just to wind down enough to go to sleep. I want to watch something brilliant that i havent seen before. Either film or series.

Things ive watched and loved:
Homeland (the earlier seasons, not so much the later ones)
Breaking bad
Peaky blinders
Anything with tom hardy (apart from locke)
Big bang theory
That 70's show
Only fools and horses
Fawlty towers

Things i havent enjoyed
Testament of youth
How to get away with murder

(Not exhaustive lists)

I tend not to like sci fi stuff. I started watching orphan black but was underwhelmed. (Had heard great things on MN) i know i am very picky but there must be something i've yet to see and love.

EdmundSlackbladder Sun 27-Mar-16 20:32:24

What we do in the shadows. Best/funniest vampire film ever.

iklboo Sun 27-Mar-16 20:33:44

Have you watched both seasons of Daredevil?

iklboo Sun 27-Mar-16 20:34:07

AKA Jessica Jones

applecatchers36 Sun 27-Mar-16 20:34:17

The second series of Peaky blinders has just come out on Netflix

iklboo Sun 27-Mar-16 20:34:56

Agree What We Do In The Shadows is very funny.

The Bridge!

RudeElf Sun 27-Mar-16 20:35:42

Ive seen the second season of peaky blinders.

Is jessica jones the second seasn of daredevil? If so will watch that!

and Love.

MockTheWeek Sun 27-Mar-16 20:36:02

Better call Saul?

CharleyDavidson Sun 27-Mar-16 20:36:37

I've just enjoyed watching Jessica Jones.

RudeElf Sun 27-Mar-16 20:37:08

Ive seen better call saul. Season one was ok but was really struggling with season 2 so gave up. Its very slooow.

What is the bridge and love about?

Salene Sun 27-Mar-16 20:37:51

The movie Wee man

ShoppingBasket Sun 27-Mar-16 20:38:49

Orphan black, bit random but if you let yourself believe it becomes VERY addictive. I'm usually not into this type, usually homeland, greys etc.

TeaBelle Sun 27-Mar-16 20:39:26

The good wife

ShoppingBasket Sun 27-Mar-16 20:39:29

Haha I just read the end of your op, doh! blush

KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Sun 27-Mar-16 20:40:19

Prison Break.
Orange is the New Black
PRetty Little Liars

Jaimx86 Sun 27-Mar-16 20:40:49

Out of curiousity, why did you stop watching Homeland. I'm on Season 2 and hope it doesn't turn rubbish.

Littleallovertheshop Sun 27-Mar-16 20:41:15

Scorpion is v good

ChalkHearts Sun 27-Mar-16 20:41:50

Orange is the new black. It's awesome.

Tarrarra Sun 27-Mar-16 20:41:57

I've enjoyed a couple of series- Grace and Frankie,Reign and Once Upon a time. none of them my usual viewing but all good!

HermioneWeasley Sun 27-Mar-16 20:43:31

"The bridge" is possibly the best TV series ever. It's a Swedish/Danish collaboration about crimes that cross their jurisdictions and thr teamwork between the Swedish and Danish detective, as well as the "whodunnit" /mystery /crime being investigated.

Quodlibet Sun 27-Mar-16 20:44:52

Orange is the New Black is brilliant

Lj8893 Sun 27-Mar-16 20:45:31

Dh loves sons of anarchy, he also enjoyed many of what you posted in your list so maybe that's worth a go? There's about a million seasons though!

The Bridge is a Scandi murder mystery but it has you gripped from the beginning. There is a female Sherlock Holmes equivalent detective who is very professional, and very good at her job, but lacking in social skills (my NN is after her!) and she is partnered with her opposite in every way, Martin, who is a very loveable guy but seems to get her. I think it's the 2nd episode there is a bomb scare and it was one of the most gripping scenes on telly I've seen in awhile.

Love is a comedy by Judd Apatow. Took an episode or 2 for me to warm to the 2 main characters but they are both likable and it's a very funny show.

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