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The Family

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RosalieJ Mon 21-Mar-16 23:11:53

Anyone else watching this, it's brand new only four episodes in the States so don't expect a lot of traffic but bloody hell this shows driving me mad. I do actually think that Adam is Adam and not some creepy imposter but there's always the chance the poor boy was also abducted alongside Adam which is why he's so convincing in the role.

The family is utterly insane, the sister, Willa gives me the creeps, she definetly has something to do with this madness, the parents, Claire and John I think are oblivious to the possibility of Adam not being Adam and honestly, I so badly want him to be Adam, just so they don't lose Adam all over again.

The drunken son is a guilt ridden mess, but that's not surprising

Lastly, who killed Hank?! I have no suspects, I think John and Claire are too obvious and the kids I just don't think would do it, but this is a Shondaland production which means anything is possible.

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