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Indian Summers...

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Clawdy Sun 13-Mar-16 21:13:39

About to start watching!

Davros Sun 13-Mar-16 21:33:29

Recorded, prob watch tomorrow

Clawdy Sun 13-Mar-16 22:17:56

Enjoyed it but wish I could remember all the story lines from first series, could have done with a quick resume at the start....I'm confused why Aafrin's lover seemed to be in league with Ralph.

2rebecca Mon 14-Mar-16 15:14:26

Agree I can't remember who the indian woman is and I don't understand why Ralph's sister is letting her new husband be a bastard to her I thought she was just escaping 1 bastard in the last series or is he the same one? I though irritating missionary wife was going back to the UK as well. They should have had 5 minutes of scene setting.

Cerseirys Mon 14-Mar-16 15:46:17

Has the dhobi remembered to take Aafrin out of his suit before starching it yet?

Clawdy Mon 14-Mar-16 16:42:56

Ralph's sister is now back with her first husband but having to pretend he is a new husband as she told everyone he was dead! He caught up with her, and is now making her pay.

Davros Mon 14-Mar-16 18:15:46

I could have done with a catch up but still enjoyed it

diddl Mon 14-Mar-16 19:40:33

Did Aafrin's lover give up the other chap or did Ralph do that so that Aafrin feels safe?

Is Ralph going to use Aafrin to get the Viceroy killef??

Davros Mon 14-Mar-16 20:08:56


Clawdy Mon 14-Mar-16 21:39:19

It's very confusing at the moment. And I can't remember what happened to Ralph's little boy. Or what became of the Indian girl the missionary guy was in love with.

diddl Tue 15-Mar-16 08:01:04

Ralph's boy, Adam was in it.

He's working somewhere-for Ralph?

Davros Tue 15-Mar-16 09:10:40

Isn't it only 3 years later so Adam would be about 10!?

diddl Tue 15-Mar-16 09:20:44

It's about 14mins in.

Ralph is showing Aafrin the pamphlet & saying that he will go to the printers.

Also showing Aafrin the grenade & that it was empty(?)

But that the Viceroy has had a heart attack.

Aafrin leaves & a young Indian boy walks in with a tray & teathings.

Ralph follows him into the room where Madeleine still is & asks "what do we have here?"

Madeleine tells him that it is the new houseboy, Adam, from the missionary school.

Davros Tue 15-Mar-16 09:32:23

I remember that houseboy but didn't realise it was Adam

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