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Anyone watching Rich, Famous and Homeless?

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Luckystar1 Wed 09-Mar-16 21:54:59

I've seen things like this before. Eye opening. So, so sad.

Willie not coming over the best though tbh.

MishMooshAndMogwai Wed 09-Mar-16 22:00:15

I watched the second half, Nick came across well I thought but the Julia/druggy scenario looked a bit set up.

I saw one a few years ago which completely changed how I looked at homeless people. So so sad

Luckystar1 Wed 09-Mar-16 22:05:02

Yes it's a shame that it's quite obvious they're 'famous' I don't remember that from the previous incarnation.

I think the previous programme was the one that opened my eyes to the fact that homelessness often creates the addict, not always the other way around.

ARichVernacular Wed 09-Mar-16 22:08:55

I was aghast at what Kim said to that young woman. Way to kick a vulnerable person when they're down.

Luckystar1 Wed 09-Mar-16 22:11:27

Oh yes, it was definitely a robust statement!!!

woody2976 Wed 09-Mar-16 22:25:30

Kim was vile, misguided and out of order. She is a strange woman though.

Effiethemonster Wed 09-Mar-16 23:08:20

What's wrong with Kim's eyes? confused

NewLife4Me Wed 09-Mar-16 23:15:30

Wasn't the last programme the one that the homeless guy with Nick was referring to when he said well done because those who stayed last time had to go to a hotel.
That wouldn't surprise me.

NadiaWadia Thu 10-Mar-16 18:19:44

Several of them appear to be a bit bad-tempered about doing it. Did they not volunteer? Still I imagine trying to sleep in the street, not being able to wash properly or have protection from the elements etc. will make you quite bad-tempered.

I know I couldn't do it (hope I never have to) it must be bloody horrible. I don't think that in one of the wealthier countries of the world we should even have people with no roof over their heads. It's positively medieval and quite frightening. I'm sure there weren't so many homeless people when I was younger, we are going backwards.

I started off quite liking Kim, and thinking she was very brave to be doing it at her age. But the way she spoke to that girl was completely out of order. Just because she didn't follow Kim's plan and return to her family home. She has no idea whatsoever what is going on in that young woman's life. There could have been abuse at home, and/or psychological problems or anything. How strange of Kim.

HerdOfRhino Fri 11-Mar-16 22:33:34

I was sooo shocked at Kim's behaviour. She was totally out of order when she had a go at the 18 year old.

Pebble21uk Fri 11-Mar-16 22:45:36

I hope their mentor (The Big Issue businessman) really tears Kim off a strip for the way she behaved towards the girl - it was appalling. Homeless people get enough abuse on the street as it is without Z-list celebs with a camera crew adding to the problem.

She was 18 for goodness sake, vulnerable and in need of help - not 60p for a phone call and talking to from Kim! The poor girl looked so shocked and taken-aback.

Kim obviously has issues and needs not to take them out of others!

HerdOfRhino Fri 11-Mar-16 22:58:01

Yes, Dh and I are really hoping that their mentor will put Kim in her place, in the next episode.

The thing is Kim says that her own upbringing was very bad, and then she shows such a terrible lack of empathy and compassion for that young woman.

I doubt that her homelife was wonderful and rosy. Regardless of what she had told Kim about her relationship with her mother, maybe she didn't want to share her true experiences with a stranger and have it all broadcast on the BBC. Kim was extremely nasty.

suzannecaravaggio Sat 12-Mar-16 22:04:17

Kim was extremely nasty

vile woman, head up her own arseangry

suzannecaravaggio Sat 12-Mar-16 22:34:03

Willie didnt exactly cover himself in glory in his interactions with the sliver dreadlocks guy, distinct lack of humility from him and Kim.
Seemed to me that they didn't appreciate the huge dose of luck which separates the successful from the dispossed

CarolAird Tue 15-Mar-16 01:09:15

I've just caught up on this, Julia was lovely!

Sleepingbunnies Tue 15-Mar-16 01:30:32

What channel?!

mrswhiplington Tue 15-Mar-16 08:23:47

It's on BBC1 at 9 o'clock Wednesday night.

NadiaWadia Thu 17-Mar-16 18:05:12

Did anyone see the second episode?

Was glad to see that Kim got told off by 'John Bird (founder of the Big Issue) and was obviously disapproved of by the others. Julia Bradbury said just what we were all thinking! 'You don't know what her mum's like' etc.

A strange woman. Comes over all calm and maternal, calling people 'lovie' etc. (like she used to do in 'How Clean is your House'), but that's obviously only if she agree with her 100% and do as she says, otherwise she goes for the jugular! !

And like a pp said, given her own awful childhood and dysfunctional relationship I with her mother, you would expect her to have a lot more empathy and not be so ridiculously judgemental!

I was glad that it ended on a positive note for most of the homeless people featured. It brought it home that bad luck could mean this happening to any one of us. And the numbers of homeless are rising. I expect this bloody government won't do anything about it though. Scary.

theliverpoolone Thu 17-Mar-16 21:03:51

Thought Willie Thorne was awful, yet again. His homeless buddy was really worried about him when he 'disappeared' and I don't care what he says, he was definitely trying to do a runner at that bus stop. Selfish. And then the homeless guy having to look after him at A&E while he made a song and dance about his swollen foot, then insisting - again - on going to a hotel for the night ( and trying to justify it by saying how great it was for his buddy). He just made it all about him.

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 17-Mar-16 21:08:26

Willie Thorne was on a show the other week about losing all of his money through gambling, I couldn't help but wonder if he's on this just to make money.

theliverpoolone Thu 17-Mar-16 21:27:55

I don't really understand bankruptcy, as he still seemed to be living in a lovely house surrounded by lovely things.....confused

hesterton Thu 17-Mar-16 22:32:50

The irony wasn't lost as he whined at the poor homeless guy about his terrible life before shooting off to his (probably long suffering) wife and family. What a baby- no intrapersonal understanding at all.

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