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ladybird69 Thu 03-Mar-16 22:38:16

anyone know when we've got Nashville back on UK tv? I'm missing it so much.

Wardrobedoors Thu 03-Mar-16 23:32:04

Don't know but I can't wait for the next season. Love it smile

ladybird69 Fri 04-Mar-16 00:10:37

me too. I'm missing it like crazy. it's been so long.

notquitehuman Fri 04-Mar-16 00:32:25

It'll be back spring 2016 apparently, so can't be long til it's back!

SlapACatFuckADuck Fri 15-Apr-16 19:04:20

It's going to move to Sky living and will air in the summer sad luckily I have sky haha

Equiem89 Sat 16-Apr-16 11:02:09

I love Nashville. Bit of a late comer to it, currently on season 2 on sky box sets and the OH bought me season 3 DVD for my birthday as I couldn't find it on sky.

Dontneedausername Fri 06-May-16 22:42:10

Yay! A Nashville thread!
I love Nashville smile
I'm currently watching at US speed so I'll hang around for about 6 months til everyone catches up with me sad

Marmaladeday Fri 06-May-16 22:44:04

Is it really good don't? Raynas hair is perfection. I have been known to have to rewind or dialogue as I get so lost in her perfect perfect hair.

Dontneedausername Fri 06-May-16 23:06:22

I just watched the most recent episode and I'm so annoyed. Every story line is annoying and it's all doom and gloom. It's making me angry!

But Raynas hair is still perfection!

Marmaladeday Sat 07-May-16 07:17:14

As long as the hair is perfect I am happy!

To answer the original question I think t will probably get scandals slot when that is done. So maybe 5 or 6 weeks?

GinaBambino Sat 07-May-16 07:19:51

Love nashville! We were watching when on in US but a bit behind so will have to do some catching up soon.

ladybird69 Fri 13-May-16 00:41:34

No I've only got free view and can't afford sky!!!!!!!! Heartbroken sad

Britnyspears Fri 13-May-16 13:49:46

Its been cancelled shock

ladybird69 Fri 13-May-16 14:24:49

This has ruined my whole life! I'm gonna have a massive tantrum juliette style. angryangryangry

CurbsideProphet Fri 13-May-16 21:58:06

Gutted sad

zgaze Fri 13-May-16 22:00:03

I shall be FURIOUS if they don't finish it off properly and things are left hanging angry

JonSnowsBeardClippings Fri 13-May-16 22:01:13

Where did you read that! shock

wheresthel1ght Fri 13-May-16 22:22:54

The current us season with air but they have binned it after that according to The Shires Facebook page

Am gutted I love it!!

ladybird69 Fri 13-May-16 23:59:51

It's on daily mail site today.

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