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Grantchester is back tonight!

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squoosh Wed 02-Mar-16 15:37:57

Such a wonderful show. I think it wonderfully demonstrates the internal struggle that a person of faith has. The dichotomy of their their spiritual self and their.........

Who am I kidding? I'm only watching it because the lovely James Norton is in it. Such is my (non spiritual) devotion I'm even willing to tolerate Robson Green.

Selfless that's what I am!

HocusCrocus Wed 02-Mar-16 18:19:47

Thanks for that. Grantchester is one of those lovely - how bad can anything be when you have a bicycling good looking vicar who does a bit of detective work on the side sort of programmes. Utterly relaxing. (Although I suspect I am somewhat older than you and my reasons for watching may be different. )

I'm not a fan of Robson Green - he always looks as if he's just about to cry to me. I wonder if his agent got him the part on the basis of "Look you've got James Norton - how badly can it go even with Robson Green in it?" . "Fair point - tell him he's in" smile

Your selflessness will be rewarded squoosh.

VulcanWoman Wed 02-Mar-16 18:26:59

Yes, will be watching, enjoyed the last series. Wonder who his love interest will be smile

madmother1 Wed 02-Mar-16 18:28:41

I've never watched it but will give it a go after seeing James Norton in a few things, I'm hooked 😂

VulcanWoman Wed 02-Mar-16 18:35:06

I've only ever seen James Norton in Grantchester, I'm not going to watch that series where he's a murderer, will spoil his image in my eyes.

UnderTheGreenwoodTree Wed 02-Mar-16 18:36:56

Will be watching, having been tipped off on the Happy Valley thread wink

Missed the first series - anything I need to know?

VulcanWoman Wed 02-Mar-16 18:51:43

Spoiler from first series below, just in case I get smacked hand.

James Norton's character Sydney has unresolved issues/traumatised by the War.

HocusCrocus Wed 02-Mar-16 19:49:45

The housekeeper always made me chuckle

(misses point of the James Norton appreciation thread)

VulcanWoman Wed 02-Mar-16 21:05:24

Well, that's a good start, opening scene he's stripped off. grin

987flowers Wed 02-Mar-16 21:11:03

I always loved Robson Green (I know I know) and am now a little in love with James Norton, it's a win win for me!!

StillStayingClassySanDiego Wed 02-Mar-16 21:23:02

We've recorded it, football first here in this house.

I became a JN fan after Happy Valley, I was surprised to see him playing a dashing lead as a Vicar after being such a nasty twat.

Such s charasmatic actor, very watchable.

PirateSmile Wed 02-Mar-16 22:17:29

Fell asleep before the end. Who did it?

RiaOverTheRainbow Wed 02-Mar-16 22:48:35

Sam the visiting vicar got Abi pregnant, her friend Gary(?) tried to induce a miscarriage at her request by making her drink turpentine and accidentally choked her.

LyndaNotLinda Wed 02-Mar-16 22:55:57

I've never watched it before.

If the vicar/robson green are coming back next week, why isn't the head of the church bloke that vicar spoke to and has spirited paedo vicar away in big trouble? And if that isn't going to happen, is vicar man just going to shrug and accept that his church's leadership is shit but just carry on as though nothing has happened?

It's very odd

SenecaFalls Wed 02-Mar-16 23:03:34

I love Grantchester and yes, indeed, Mr. Norton is quite appealing. The new series doesn't start in the States until the end of the month so spoiler alerts, please.

PirateSmile Thu 03-Mar-16 07:25:51

Thanks Ria

squoosh Thu 03-Mar-16 10:46:54

James Norton and Robson Green were on the One Show last night. I could only watch a bit of it (my love for James isn't enough to suffer the One Show) but Robson Green's accent gets posher and posher!

It makes me cringe when celebrities with regional accents try to make themselves sound RP(ish).

diddl Thu 03-Mar-16 20:56:16

That was hard going, wasn't it?

Would they hang for that?

yoyoyoy Thu 03-Mar-16 21:03:30

I thought I'd give this a go as I love a good period murder mystery .Having sat through it I found it very unconvincing , all the period clothes and props are there but the whole atmosphere is too modern and the language jarred horribly - did they really say "Christ on a bike" and "bollocks" in everyday use the 50s ?

Yoksha Wed 09-Mar-16 21:11:24

Bloody hell, Robson Green's character has just slapped the victim's widow.

pizzaeatingmonkey Thu 10-Mar-16 22:36:27

It's not as good as the previous series by any stretch. such a pity I was so looking forward to it!

polyhymnia Sat 19-Mar-16 00:23:49

I think it's pretty poor sadly. Wonder if it's in J N's contract that he gets to take his shirt off twice per episode? Even he can't save it.

diddl Sat 19-Mar-16 08:09:28

It seems to be trying to be too serious.

I always thought of it along the lines of Midsomer Murders.

But Sidney with Margaret up against the fence??

squoosh Sat 19-Mar-16 14:21:11

I don't like that Margaret. She seems a bit brassy for my Sidney.


diddl Sat 19-Mar-16 14:24:12


That said, I don't like Amanda either.

Well, not now she won't just bugger off & let him get on with his life!

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