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Father Ted

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potbellyroast Sun 28-Feb-16 19:21:15

After the sad passing of father jack - we want to show our 2 youngest children (15 & 14) an episode of Father Ted so they can understand why when one of their parents says 'drink' enquiring if the other wants a brew we say 'drink girls feck arse'

I love the one when they get trapped in the lingerie store. I also love the one with Dougal where Ted is explaining the concept of 'near.....far away'

What do you think is the best episode?

WhoisLucasHood Sun 28-Feb-16 19:28:32

I love the mainland one, I could watch it over and over. I also love the caravan, Graham Norton is brilliant as annoying Father Noel.

potbellyroast Sun 28-Feb-16 19:31:33

Ah yes!!! Love the ones with Father Noel!

NashvilleQueen Sun 28-Feb-16 19:34:22

The lingerie one is the Christmas special which also includes the Golden Cleruc award and Fr Todd Unctous. It is simply brilliant from beginning to end.

The racist one is good too.

Pat Mustard.

They're all fantastic.

potbellyroast Sun 28-Feb-16 19:42:19

Also love kicking Father Brennan up the arse - actually love any of them with Father Brennan.

It's too hard to choose!!

potbellyroast Sun 28-Feb-16 19:48:23

Bishop Brennan hmm

wonderpants Sun 28-Feb-16 19:49:43

My lovely Pony

wonderpants Sun 28-Feb-16 19:49:57

Sorry, my lovely horse

scandichick Sun 28-Feb-16 19:51:40

Yes! If you only can do one, you should do A Song for Europe.

GodlessDomestic1 Sun 28-Feb-16 19:51:41

My lovely horse / Bishop Brennan / the Speed take-off / lovely girls... Everyone is a classic

KanyesVest Sun 28-Feb-16 19:52:56

Any if them, all are wonderful. Frank Kelly used to read part of the Easter Passion in our local church. As a teenager it was really hard to listen to him being so solemn -- everyone expected him to shout an obscenity at any moment.

KanyesVest Sun 28-Feb-16 19:53:40

Rest in peace Mr Kelly.

LineyReborn Sun 28-Feb-16 19:55:40

Oh God yes, My Lovely Horse.

And the appalling beauty pageant.

And Mrs Doyle and the purse fight / window fall / tea machine knuckle-biting misery.

And just, Father Feckin' Jack. Bless you. Bless you my love.

flamingnoravera Sun 28-Feb-16 22:10:29

The one with Fr Finton Stack is my fave. He is the scariest priest ever.

Whenever I see people considering Finton on mn baby names I find myself shouting "no! don't name your lovely tiny perfect baby after Finton Stack"

Moln Sun 28-Feb-16 22:13:03

I can't believe you're asking us to chose. That's cruel. Cruel and wicked.

You should be ashamed of yourself OP.


utahforever Sun 28-Feb-16 22:15:39

Father Jack's perfect pet.....a brick!

BreconBeBuggered Sun 28-Feb-16 23:27:14

A Song For Europe; Speed 3; Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse.

DS2 (13) loves Father Ted. He likes the one with the fake swearing (fuppin Baxter)

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