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Anyone want to chat about new season Person of Interest?

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SymphonyofShadows Fri 26-Feb-16 11:34:08

What has John to his hair? Can his voice get any lower? Is the man from ep 1 going to come back and help them some more or has Finch pinched all his ideas regarding the aerial network? What is Root doing for a cover job?

MumOfTheMoment Fri 26-Feb-16 12:03:16

We had to put the subtitles on as we couldn't quite catch what John was saying half the time. Also wtf is going on with his skin colour? Love him as a detective though.

And AS IF Shaw would have the skills to be a beauty counter assistant.

Not seen 2nd episode yet.

SymphonyofShadows Fri 26-Feb-16 12:25:38

Phew, everything I posted was in the first episode. I'm still not entirely sure how the machine talks to Root. I know she was deafened by the CIA woman but presumably she has to be near a mobile?

Osmiornica Sun 28-Feb-16 17:22:21

Does this get better? We watched about 4 or 5 episodes but then got bored - they were all the same.

SymphonyofShadows Sun 28-Feb-16 18:37:06

They were a bit samey to start with but they are setting the scene. Some very interesting characters come into it later and the last series was great.

CurbsideProphet Sun 28-Feb-16 22:35:43

I still love it as the concept is v clever. I'm not sure what is happening with this Samaritan situation but I'll be sticking with it. I do enjoy all the gratuitous violence and posturing grin ;-)

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