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The Next Step (CBBC)

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thenewbrunette Sat 20-Feb-16 21:14:02

DD is HUGE fan of the Next Step. The cast are touring in April and I would love to take her but all dates completely sold out. I've tried Ticketmaster etc, phoning theatres directly, looked on Gumtree & eBay for unwanted tickets etc. Anyone have any ideas of any other ways to get tickets for sold out events? Or - extremely long shot! - anyone have spare tickets to sell?

Miniminimus Sat 20-Feb-16 23:01:00

I got some today for the Newcastle matinee 12.45pm - Friday 8th - quite a lot left at the time, direct from the Newcastle City Hall website - I actually phoned them but if you go into choose seats on the website were still quite a few purple dots (available). Rear of stalls and balcony admittedly but a miracle to me and my DD (10) is thrilled. Hope you are lucky too!

Miniminimus Sat 20-Feb-16 23:10:36

Sorry, I mean blue dots mean available. There are still probably about a hundred blue dots on the seating plan just now and I was just able to select a few and put them in my basket just for a test or there is another option where it picks the seats for you. I think they are slightly cheaper than Ticket Master too. Quite a lot gone since this morning which is when I found them. The city hall website says this is an additional matinee only added in January which could explain why they might have sold out before if you called earlier than that. I have never been to Newcastle before, it is about 200 miles from us but am going to turn it into a mini-break. luckily for us it is in school hols.

thenewbrunette Sun 21-Feb-16 12:41:30

Thanks so much for your reply. Now discussing feasibility of Newcastle as 250+ miles from us too! Thanks again for the info!

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