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TV research fail? Loose Women

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TensionWheelsCoolHeels Wed 17-Feb-16 22:53:51

Bit late in the day with this but I'm shock after catching some of Loose Women just now ( DM loves this, I've been tuning in and out while she watches it on catch up as I usually can't abide it )

There was a section they were discussing domestic violence, I didn't quite catch what prompted the discussion but I think it was something about targeting abusers rather than victims - jamelia discussed her experience. They then later cut to Marti Pellow & Graeme Clark from Wet Wet Wet, there to promote something - this would be the same Graeme Clark who is a convicted domestic abuser hmm Did they ask him a thing about DV? Did they hell! Perfect opportunity to ask a convicted abuser if it's possible the abuser can change, seeing as that was part of the discussion earlier in the programme. But no, not a peep to him about it.

Does no one on that programme do any research on their guests? I'm still shock at either their total failure to properly research their guests, or to think it a good idea to discuss DV openly while then proceeding to ignore it when a convicted abuser is actually sitting there, trying to promote themselves.

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