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Better Call Saul series 2

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blueandgreendots Wed 17-Feb-16 14:54:40

Is anyone watching?

Loved the first series (only watched it recently) and DH and I watched the first episode of series 2 last night.

I am excited to see how Slippin' Jimmy evolves into Saul Goodman. Loved the bit where they conned the stocks and shares guy into buying the extortionate tequila (which btw DH thinks was featured in a episode of Breaking Bad with a flashback featuring Gus and Hector).

ProfYaffle Wed 17-Feb-16 15:09:59

Yes, we're watching. Have you read the Guardian review? The comments are interesting, a few people on there picked up on the tequila (I didn't!) plus apparently the guy they conned in the bar later has his car blown up by Walter White in BB (though I can't remember that tbh)

Bit of a slow burner last night but I like that they don't just rush through the narrative to get to Saul

blueandgreendots Wed 17-Feb-16 15:49:32

Thanks ProfYaffle, that's a good article:

I also like the slower pace, it keeps us guessing and the level of interest high.

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