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diod anyone watch navy school?

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gymboywalton Tue 09-Feb-16 14:52:54

i really enjoyed it!

i couldn't believe how young hugh(?) was- not kowing how to clean his own shoes etc and i was GUTTED for poor Rowan.

Really good tv programme

Jetcatisback Tue 09-Feb-16 16:03:22

I watched it on catch up - poor Rowan but really glad he got his second chance.

Some of them seemed so young and clueless - guess that will sharp change then!

gymboywalton Tue 09-Feb-16 16:13:43


i was quite shocked when they had the room inspection and the room got TRASHED!

GruntledOne Tue 09-Feb-16 23:57:10

Which channel?

LarrytheCucumber Wed 10-Feb-16 13:41:45

i was quite shocked when they had the room inspection and the room got TRASHED! I would have been more shocked if it hadn't been. All part of the discipline.

LineyReborn Wed 10-Feb-16 13:45:05

Channel 4.

I hope they bother to show the female recruits as an intertwined part of the main series and they're not just given a little 'segment'.

GruntledOne Wed 10-Feb-16 22:28:48

I've seen similar programmes about army training where the room inspections are dealt with the same way. I can see the importance of it for navy recruits in particular, given that they will always be working in conditions where space is at a premium, especially on submarines. I would never manage that degree of neatness!

Purplestarssparkle Thu 11-Feb-16 00:27:28

Ah the joys of room inspections in basic when you come back and find your whole bed chucked and wardrobe into the middle on the floor with all your roommates too

228agreenend Sat 13-Feb-16 09:40:12

I ended up watching it twice, once with eldest son(live), and once with younger son(recorded)! I really enjoyed it. I was surprised that Rowan was allowed to rejoin with a heart condition, although pleased also. It looks like it's going to be a good series.

Kewcumber Sat 13-Feb-16 09:44:01

My DS (10) has just announced he wants to join the navy! WOuld this be good for him to watch?

228agreenend Sat 13-Feb-16 09:57:57

Yes. The first episode was meeting the candidates and watching them settle in to their new life. it shows the discipline of the navy, but also,the comradeship and will give him a taste of what's it like.

LarrytheCucumber Sat 13-Feb-16 11:32:30

Kewcumber yes it probably would, as would sending him to Sea Cadets.

GruntledOne Sat 13-Feb-16 13:08:20

It looks like they're not going to stick with the same group of people but are going to swap around between different intakes.

Truckingalong Sat 13-Feb-16 21:28:29

The shouty one (forget her name and title) had a voice like fog horn leghorn but was great and I loved their reaction to her - she's a machine!!

GruntledOne Sun 14-Feb-16 10:33:34

What sounded slightly troubling was some of the abuse shown in the opening sequence - instructors yelling at people that they were "mutants", for instance. Obviously I don't know what the context was, but there is a danger that that sort of attitude leads to the type of bullying that has had extremely serious consequences in the military in recent years.

LarrytheCucumber Sun 14-Feb-16 13:58:06

Gruntled DS used to be called all sorts at Cadets. They call it 'banter'.

GruntledOne Tue 16-Feb-16 20:51:43

Has anyone tried watching this on 4OD? I'm finding the advert breaks are infuriating because they keep freezing, so it takes forever to get through them. I know it's not my computer because for some reason once you actually get to the programme that works fine, and so do things like BBC iPlayer.

MunchMunch Wed 17-Feb-16 00:57:52

I've watched it on 4ID on my phone with no problems.

Ds1 (16) wants to join the navy soon so he watched the first episode and will have to watch the second on catch up. He quite likes the look of it although he will be one of them going in slightly clueless so I'll a bit worried about him especially him being so far from home <wibble>

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