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THE VOICE WEEK 5- It's on at 7.15 SATURDAY [title edited by MNHQ]

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Raahh Sat 06-Feb-16 16:48:53

...and this week promises the great nephew of Cilla Black and a group who go by the name 'Wett and Wilde' grin who are a couple in their 60's, and have previously been on BGT. Rory (who is 68) has previously jammed with the Beatles. grin

Here are their song choices (spread over the 2 nights)

'Gravity' - DJ Fresh and Ella Eyre

'Sing Sing Sing' - Louis Prima

'From Eden' - Hozier

'Budapest' - George Ezra

'Something Inside So Strong' - Labi Siffre

'Take A Bow' - Rihanna

'One More Night' - Maroon 5

​'You've Got A Friend In Me' - Randy Newman

'Up Where We Belong' - Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes

'Like A Rolling Stone' - Bob Dylan

​'Forget You' - Cee Lo Green

​'Bang Bang' -

​Song: ​'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me' - Boy George

I am assuming Vangelis is not the Vangelis of 'Jon and..' and 'Chariots of Fire' fame. That really would be cool. Especially as he didn't sing.

7.15pm is a tad early. Need to get organised.


The80sweregreat Sat 06-Feb-16 16:58:06

Hi Raahh, hope your well. Cold and dreary here , no rain. Avoiding the Rugby, i think Scots will win. But i know nothing.
'Jammed with the Beatles! ' Beginning to think half of Liverpool knew the Beatles back in the day! Lol. A great nephew is a loose celeb link.

Raahh Sat 06-Feb-16 17:08:43

I'm well- here in Manchester we have a solid wall of raingrin.

Yes, as claims to fame go, Cilla's great nephew is pretty tenuous.

I also think that anyone a) over 60 and b) from anywhere near Liverpool is automatically described as having worked with the Beatles.

The80sweregreat Sat 06-Feb-16 17:15:09

The rain is awful for you good folk up north. We do get it, of course, but never as bad as you seem too. The map seems to just stop at london when it shows the rain.. I feel for you. Must be depressing at times.
Im sure a lot of people did seethe fab four , but all this ' i played, sung' with them - i tend to be be a bit..hmmm. I wonder if they will say the same about One Direction in 50 years time?

theredlion Sat 06-Feb-16 17:20:33

It's blowing a gale here. Literally.
I'm staying indoors.

See you both in a couple of hours <waves>

Raahh Sat 06-Feb-16 17:43:17

grin 80s I love the idea that in 50 years people will be bragging about gigging with 1D. Or Harry Styles will turn up on the equivalent of the Voice trying to resurrect his career.grin

Raahh Sat 06-Feb-16 19:16:26

I did wonder how many more weeks there were going to be of this- since none of them have filled their teams yet.

So, all weekend this week AND next!

Sparklingbrook Sat 06-Feb-16 19:17:22


Raahh Sat 06-Feb-16 19:17:26

This one reminds me of Monica from the X factor, look at the size of her earrings!

Gorgeous baby, though.

Destinysdaughter Sat 06-Feb-16 19:18:08

Hi y'all!

Well at least this one can sing...

Raahh Sat 06-Feb-16 19:18:09

I'm not sure her hair is real.

it's like a dozen Barbies were scalped to make it.

Sparklingbrook Sat 06-Feb-16 19:18:29

Bit nasal.

Raahh Sat 06-Feb-16 19:18:50

She can certainly shout.

And she's even rapping like Monica did!

Raahh Sat 06-Feb-16 19:19:45

lots of hair.

Destinysdaughter Sat 06-Feb-16 19:20:01

3 weeks old??

Destinysdaughter Sat 06-Feb-16 19:20:55

Sometimes I wear a fake ponytail...blush

The80sweregreat Sat 06-Feb-16 19:20:57

Hair looks like a bit tiny tears. Not a bad singer. Bit screechy but they like that these days.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 06-Feb-16 19:21:24


AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 06-Feb-16 19:22:20

Pouring down here now.

Raahh Sat 06-Feb-16 19:22:37

Destiny grin so long as it doesn't look like flammable nylon, I'm sure it looks great.

yy to Tiny Tears. Washing the hair with that teeny bottle of Johnsons shampoo totally wrecked it, iirc. grin

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 06-Feb-16 19:22:52

And I have apparently bought DD "boring pants and she's never going to wear them".

Destinysdaughter Sat 06-Feb-16 19:23:15

Will. I knew it!

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 06-Feb-16 19:23:17

Bill doesn't look delighted.

Redcrayons Sat 06-Feb-16 19:23:40

Evening all.
Just missed the beginning - is she an ex- famous person?

Destinysdaughter Sat 06-Feb-16 19:24:55

He looks older than 19!!

Ooh tap dancing too

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