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Forthcoming Interview with Studio AKA / Hey Duggee - Mumsnet Input Appreciated!

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stevedewhurst Fri 05-Feb-16 20:25:14

Hello everyone,

My name's Steve. Hope you're all OK. I'm a freelance journalist looking for some input here, from people I know can help.

In a couple of weeks I'll be heading to London to visit Studio AKA, the makers of "Hey Duggee", a show I know most of you are very fond of. I'll be putting together a feature article for an as-yet-unspecified publication about my visit and the time I'll be spending with Sue Goffe (the head of production at AKA) and Grant Orchard, the "Hey Duggee" creator. What I'd like to do in advance is ask all you guys if there is anything in particular you'd a) like me to find out, and b) what you'd like to see in the finished feature. Reasonable suggestions only please. It strikes me that "Hey Duggee", for all its wonders, has found very little mainstream press thus far. I intend on changing that fact (I started in earnest here, for a US magazine), especially now we have new episodes to look forward to!

Thanks for your time,


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