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Murder Games

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2rebecca Sat 30-Jan-16 18:54:25

Did anyone watch this on the BBC this week? Chilling documentary on a trues story of the death of a teenager from Greater London who was killed by an older teenager he met through minecraft.
My son used to play a lot of minecraft at that age and was often on teamspeak chatting to people all over the world and often the server owner who he was in first name terms with.
Children need to be warned not just about paedophiles (who I think of as much older adults preying on children) but also slightly older or similar age teenagers who could be obsessional fantasists and psychopaths.
It's a shame the police didn't look in to things and do more when the mother raised her concerns.

Tummyrumbled Sat 30-Jan-16 23:09:07

I had nightmares after watching it. Found it really disturbing sad
Poor Breck.

The killer have recently tried to contact Breck's parents to taunt them.

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