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Celeb Big Bro Thread 11 - AIBU to rage when my new BF snogs someone during truth or dare? PS I'm marrying someone else but miss him so much I can't think about him

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AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 26-Jan-16 21:25:22

No IANBU and how dare you say I am, I am only 22, I am a young girl, and you are all grown women who should know better.

We've still got 9 days to go!

Redcrayons Tue 26-Jan-16 21:27:02


StilaOnTheWrongPlane Tue 26-Jan-16 21:27:03


Redcrayons Tue 26-Jan-16 21:27:18

1st place whoop wooppppp

AnyFucker Tue 26-Jan-16 21:27:31

22 is the new 50

reem1 Tue 26-Jan-16 21:27:48

I'm here

StilaOnTheWrongPlane Tue 26-Jan-16 21:27:54

I was struggling to get that other one to load . . . I'd started reading the corrie thread

Redcrayons Tue 26-Jan-16 21:28:16

Scotty has piled on the pounds.

ChoccyJules Tue 26-Jan-16 21:28:28


darksideofthemooncup Tue 26-Jan-16 21:28:36

Jeremy's tattoos are hideous. Thanks for the shiny new thread Anne!

MizK Tue 26-Jan-16 21:28:52

GC is happiest when she's talking about herself. John has sussed that out at last.

ShellyF Tue 26-Jan-16 21:28:58

Well done,Red

seasidesally Tue 26-Jan-16 21:29:12

its worth starting a new thread for the fab title alone

reem1 Tue 26-Jan-16 21:29:26

I hope JEZ will go

Redcrayons Tue 26-Jan-16 21:29:31

I don't like tattoos much, but Jeremy's are really awful

MistressMerryWeather Tue 26-Jan-16 21:29:35

I was just saying that to DH last night Red.

He's the 'cook' isn't?

AnyFucker Tue 26-Jan-16 21:29:58

Gemma is pretty when she isn't being a beeatch

MistressMerryWeather Tue 26-Jan-16 21:30:00

Isn't he

ChoccyJules Tue 26-Jan-16 21:30:15

That grin was me rushing in knowing I'll never be first, nothing to do with the previous comment btw

StilaOnTheWrongPlane Tue 26-Jan-16 21:30:15

Dropping in from a great height without a parachute. . . . .fingers crossed grin

IoraRua Tue 26-Jan-16 21:30:31

There's a lovely atmosphere in the house today. Or yesterday. Whenever it was.

Hello all smile

Only1scoop Tue 26-Jan-16 21:31:12


I'm less stealth now I'm an old lady

GoofyIsACow Tue 26-Jan-16 21:31:27

Actually i like his tattoos with the exception of his neck.

Disclaimer. I don't have any, never would.

darksideofthemooncup Tue 26-Jan-16 21:31:44

Thornrose Tue 26-Jan-16 21:31:45

Scotty has bright red hands, too much time in the kitchen. grin

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