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Another 'which box set if I liked this...'

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daisydalrymple Sat 23-Jan-16 22:02:10

I haven't watched anything new for ages. I absolutely loved 24 and spooks. Watched homeland first series, then started a p/t evening job, then dc3 arrived, now I just don't sleep much grin

However, I now have time to watch stuff whilst ironing when dc3 naps, so can get through 2-3 hrs a week. What might I like out of everything ive missed, as there's so much around!

I guess I do enjoy a good political drama, I enjoy crime / mystery types (think Agatha christie not gore), but also loved friends, satc and desperate housewives. Any suggestions? Many thanks.

annandale Sat 23-Jan-16 22:04:26

Don't miss Deutschland 83 over on 4od, it's really good.

madmother1 Sat 23-Jan-16 22:06:18

Breaking Bad was superb. I started watching it when my teenage son was ill and then got addicted to it. Even the last ever episode was brilliant. Enjoy 😊

NoMilkNoSugar Sat 23-Jan-16 22:13:46

It's a few years old but Alias is great.

ijustwannadance Sat 23-Jan-16 22:14:41

Have you watched West Wing? Old but great. Or Veep which is funny.

Seriouslyffs Sat 23-Jan-16 22:16:39

2-3 hours ironing a week?!
Sit down with a cup of tea, please.shock
Big Love
The Wire

daisydalrymple Sat 23-Jan-16 22:18:38

Ooh no, I've never tried any of these! (I'm a bit like Rachel with the tray spot, thinking its a club or something. I hear people talking of these programmes, but am so behind the times am almost embarrassed to ask!)

I did hear of one called the good wife but have never looked it up, anybody enjoy that?

Thank you all for replying!

daisydalrymple Sat 23-Jan-16 22:22:38

grin seriously yes, am not sure where it all comes from, 3 dc and dh's shirts don't help. (I honestly can't blame dc3 at 14mo actually!) but am yet to find true non iron uniform (or perhaps I'm ocd and too fussy... )

Howaboutthisone Sat 23-Jan-16 23:24:58

I feel your pain on the ironing front!

The good wife is fantastic.
I also love Ray Donovan.

JarethTheGoblinKing Sat 23-Jan-16 23:30:01

The Bridge! It's Swedish/Danish, so subs, but it's the best thing I've seen in years.

Otherwise, West Wing, Good Wife

wickedwaterwitch Sat 23-Jan-16 23:31:54

I agree - if you like Spooks and Homeland you'll like The west wing and the good wife p, both are excellent

And loads of series!

NotTheSpiceOfLife Sat 23-Jan-16 23:41:41

Another vote for The Bridge. I've just finished season 1 and it's brilliant. Now I'm watching Making A Murderer, which is making me disproportionately angry.

NotTheSpiceOfLife Sat 23-Jan-16 23:42:10

Actually, on second thoughts, my anger isn't disproportionate.

CrystalMcPistol Sun 24-Jan-16 00:32:40

The first series of Damages is fantastic. Really gripping and lots of twists and turns.

'Set in New York's world of high stakes litigation, Damages follows the lives of Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), the nation's most revered and most reviled litigator, and her bright, ambitious protégée Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) as they become embroiled in a class action lawsuit targeting Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson), one of the country's wealthiest CEOs. As Patty battles Frobisher and his attorney, Ellen learns what it takes to win at all costs -- and that lives, not just fortunes, are at stake.'

daisydalrymple Sun 24-Jan-16 07:20:46

Thank you! I will look into these

NoMilkNoSugar Sun 24-Jan-16 08:16:48

I need to start ironing more grin

ijustwannadance Sun 24-Jan-16 09:44:00

Lie to me is also great.

Dafspunk Sun 24-Jan-16 09:45:28

Another vote for Ray Donovan.

Also LOVE Scandal.

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