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Judge Rinder episode this week, that poor young man with the awful dad.....

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stablemabel Fri 22-Jan-16 20:51:07

Did anyone else see it, think it was Monday? The sweet young man who was a brilliant artist but had never had a chance in life because of his god awful father?

I so wanted to give the lad a hug and cheer 'well done you'. I was having to bite my lip when JR was getting all emotional and telling him that he would do really well in life despite his father.

And the two sisters who went to America? I must watch the end of that one, the older sis was moaning cos Texas was hot and there wasn't much there and blamed her sister for the booking! The burnt burger and the man handcuffed to his suitcase on the coach (disappointed that JR didn't get more of a joke out of that one, it really tickled me!)

Oh I luuurrrrrve Judge Rinder (PS that dancing advert does not work, get rid ITV.....)

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