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Happy Valley is back soon!

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ILikeToClean Thu 21-Jan-16 14:17:29

Just saw the trailer for a new series of this - can't wait! smile

emotionsecho Thu 21-Jan-16 14:18:50

Thanks for the heads up, any idea when?

MorrisZapp Thu 21-Jan-16 14:20:33

Wow! Wonder what the main plot will be? James Norton is poncing about the Russian steppes banged up for life now isn't he?

ILikeToClean Thu 21-Jan-16 15:30:28

Just said coming soon...

ILikeToClean Thu 21-Jan-16 15:32:19

And James Norton was in the trailer looking mean n moody!

MitzyLeFrouf Thu 21-Jan-16 15:33:08

Oh I love a bit of James Norton...........

emotionsecho Thu 21-Jan-16 15:49:14

I suppose James Norton's character has to go on trial, what was it three murders, rape, kidnapping and the assault on Sarah Lancashire's character?

Terribleknitter Thu 21-Jan-16 16:16:41

Looking forward to location spotting again this series, they film parts of it just up the road from here - DH is pretty sure he accidentally gatecrashed some filming on his way home (again, he managed it twice last series!) grin
Also looking forward to the rather lovely Con o'Neil's appearance.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Fri 22-Jan-16 08:00:51

Yippee, saw the trailer and thought woohoooogrin.

Even if it's not as good as series 1, Sarah Lancashire is so easy and compelling to watch, love her.

hufflebottom Fri 22-Jan-16 08:16:09


dannydyerismydad Fri 22-Jan-16 09:29:38

I'm not sure my nerves can take it!

I couldn't look away, but felt physically sick throughout.

Whitetulipofpeace Fri 22-Jan-16 09:36:54

I can't wait! A bit of it was filmed a stones throw away from me but I found out too late to check it out.

IfItIsntOkItIsntTheEnd Fri 22-Jan-16 09:38:35


emotionsecho Fri 22-Jan-16 11:07:07

danny it was very difficult to watch at times, wasn't it. A friend recommended it to me and, due to the title, I was expecting a sort of 'Midsomer Murders/Death in Paradise' type police dramashock, it's compelling viewing though.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 23-Jan-16 07:50:20

Think they said Feb

oneowlgirl Sat 23-Jan-16 21:06:05

It was amazing but I found it horrific to watch. Looking forward to series 2 though!

southeastdweller Tue 26-Jan-16 19:30:05

The BBC confirmed today it's back Tuesday February 9th.

TheHiphopopotamus Tue 26-Jan-16 20:46:52

Binge watched the first series over the weekend and I was surprised how bloody brilliant it was. Can't wait for the second series.

ILikeToClean Tue 26-Jan-16 21:56:31

Would love to watch the first series again - is it on iplayer?

TheHiphopopotamus Tue 26-Jan-16 22:06:30

ilike no, not on iplayer. It's available to buy on Amazon Prime for £5.99 or if you happen to be going to America, it's on US Netflix wink

southeastdweller Tue 26-Jan-16 22:06:50

No it isn't on there anymore, but you can buy the DVD or download the episodes from iTunes.

ILikeToClean Wed 27-Jan-16 09:48:10

Have Amazon Prime so might just do that - thanks!

OnlyLovers Wed 27-Jan-16 10:50:13

Can't wait for this! Sarah Lancashire is brilliant. A towering performance.

southeastdweller Tue 02-Feb-16 21:30:32

Just one week to go! Earlier I watched a five minute recap of series 1 on iPlayer and I'm even more excited now about the new series.

ellenanora5 Tue 02-Feb-16 21:44:52

Can't wait, loved the first series, best telly in a long time!!!!

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