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Father Brown - what happened to series 2 + 3?

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BumpPower Fri 15-Jan-16 21:13:56

Anyone watch father brown on the BBC with Mark Williams? I series linked it after liking the first series and my tivo has now recorded series 4. On demand will tell me about series 1 and 4. Has anyone seen a series 2 or 3?

GruntledOne Fri 15-Jan-16 23:17:52

I vaguely remember series 2. I think 3 may have passed me by.

BumpPower Sat 16-Jan-16 08:24:48

Fair enough, it's not like there would have been huge story alternating plot twists but is annoying that tivo didn't pick it up

GruntledOne Tue 19-Jan-16 20:46:49

I wonder why Lady Felicia screams like an express train every time she sees a body? It seems to happen to her regularly, you'd think she'd be used to it by now.

BumpPower Tue 19-Jan-16 20:55:37

Hehe but it's her little thing isn't it. There is one episode I saw recently where another women gets to scream before she can add she looks v put out!

AnthonyPandy Tue 19-Jan-16 21:21:17

In the Radio Times, the Father Brown episodes this week are 1-5 (out of 10) from series 2.

AnthonyPandy Tue 19-Jan-16 21:25:48

Actually it looks like series 4 finished on Friday and now they are repeating series 2.

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