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Location, location location - HOW MUCH?

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Ubik1 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:28:38

This is insane.

Young people forking out £££ for tiny conversions.

AgentProvocateur Thu 14-Jan-16 20:37:13

Ha ha - DH has just said the same thing! (From our 200k five bed detached Victorian house outside glasgow wink)

Ubik1 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:39:38

£275,000 for a flat above a bookies in Leytonstone?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:41:50

That teeny tiny flat Nish(?) looked at was bonkers at that price.

Ubik1 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:42:20

Yes I am posting from a £230,000. 4 bed tenement in Glasgow'sctrendy west end.


LadyR77 Fri 15-Jan-16 10:37:26

It was completely barmy! The tiny weeny attic flat cost 3 times more than our 3-bed house, and we're only 25 minutes away from King's Cross by train. Utter madness.

umiaisha Sat 16-Jan-16 15:27:06

I like Location, but its all so predictable.

Yoga enthusiast wants to be in trendy stokey. Wants 'outdoor space' and a kitchen you can 'entertain in'. Yawn. About 80% of the sales fall through too - probably because the purchasers are so bloody fussy and indecisive, hence why Phil and Kirsty are involved!!

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 16-Jan-16 18:47:51

Love this esp if in my area

Which this weeks is smile

Nettletheelf Sun 17-Jan-16 08:52:12

Location, Location, Location and the programmes similar to it (A Place in the Sun etc.) should be renamed, "Look how much money we've got. Take note, everybody".

Seriously. The participants only seem to want to show off!

wideboy26 Sun 17-Jan-16 09:07:08

I enjoy it for the banter between Phil and Kirsty. She's bossy in quite a nice way and he takes it all in good part. (Bit like the indulgent husband that I am - ahem)

millimat Sun 17-Jan-16 14:54:35

Do you think they get any money for being on the show?

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 18-Jan-16 11:22:26

Wish they'd have couples on with realistic budgets and asking for normal stuff. I think I'll go on there with my £160k budget, near a good secondary school, three bed, nice kitchen requirements?

LemonBreeland Mon 18-Jan-16 11:26:33

DH and I were commenting on the prices too. I would hate to live in London.

£265k could buy you a lovely detached 4 bed here.

They used to have people on with normal budgets. Someone I know was on once. It was him and his girlfriend looking for a terraced house in somewhere like Leeds. THey'd not long finished uni and were in their first jobs. Budget was probably under £100k. That is much more interesting to me.

JimmyGreavesMoustache Mon 18-Jan-16 11:31:16

I can't watch this anymore due to my insane envy over the budgets. DH and I have decent jobs (both earning above average) but we've never seen anything on their we could afford.

And I can't work out how they get these budgets. It's always "Sam is 23 and has no discernible employment. Natasha is 22, and makes little ornaments out of string. Their budget is £600,000, stretching to £700,000 for the right property".

JaniceJoplin Mon 18-Jan-16 11:32:01

It would be nice to have them explain how they get to their budget. I mean, how does a yoga teacher have a budget anywhere near what she had. Is she charging £1k a lesson ? I am sure less people would watch it if it said that most of it was via inheritance or whatever, or they got lucky and made 300k on a run down buy to let.

Cherrypie32 Mon 18-Jan-16 11:38:15

The girl this week wasn't just a yoga teacher, she worked in the financial sector which in London could mean a salary of anything from £60k up, she wasn't that young so would have had time to save a deposit or possibly have some help from her parents with this. They didn't say if it was her first purchase but if she'd owned anything in London before she would have made money. The London searches and market and salaries are so far removed from what happens in the rest of the country its a hard to comprehend unless you've experienced it.

IPityThePontipines Mon 18-Jan-16 14:53:20

Jimmy (love your username btw) - Yes I've frequently thought that.

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 18-Jan-16 15:32:39

But it's not just the London episodes, it's other cities too with young people and ridiculous deposits and budgets.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 18-Jan-16 16:02:10

Agree smaller budgets are more fun

As I said this weeks is near me so will be interesting to see the price guide smile

Queenbean Mon 18-Jan-16 16:05:54

I love location location, but I always want to yell at the TV when kirstie says "this property is £10k under budget leaving money to insulate the house and put in a new boiler"

Errrrrr Kirstie, unless this couple is paying in cash then that's not how it works

Cherrypie32 Mon 18-Jan-16 18:01:50

Agree Queen, the bank will literally only lend you what the house is worth so I never get that, unless she means that they have to put less deposit in so keep some cash back.

NewBallsPlease00 Mon 18-Jan-16 20:53:52

It's now London centric because, quite honestly, Kirste said in an interview since having young children she can do London ones and see her kids or do whole country and be away a lot, so if there is a choice she would choose London options

DollyParsnip Tue 19-Jan-16 10:46:58

I got a bit confused with this weeks tbh. The yoga lady wanted to put in an offer so Phil S put in an offer under asking price and asking the vendor to pay £6+k for outside maintenance work. This was after he mentioned another offer on the place and the fact that the area was actually pulling in above asking price bids. They then seemed surprised when the offer fell through.

To me it all seemed a bit naive - I thought the whole point of K and P was their advice and experience; unless there was behind the scenes stuff surely it was a bit weird they'd go against the market so much?

stumblymonkey Tue 19-Jan-16 10:54:46

We're considering applying to get K&P when we go hunting for our first property.

Budget of £375k....yes, for a first purchase....goddamn Home Counties sadenvy

WonderingAspie Tue 19-Jan-16 11:49:49

The thing I actually like about LLL is that they do usually end up buying the house. Loads of purchases fall through so it's not unrealistic that there some will on here.

I'm getting fed up of London now though (although I now understand if that's what Kirstie has said). I also would like to see more realistic budgets in places other than mega expensive areas. Our budget would probably be 180k now which to us is huge, it was 140k when we bought 18 months ago. I want to see things like this. 'Average couple with children look for 3 bed semi in okish area near a decent school for 150k'.

It's better than bloody Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb which is the most pointless property show on TV. Take a house that obviously isn't selling anyway, throw them 1k to do up a couple of rooms, take a fussy buyer who can't find anything and try to flog them a crappy house with a couple of rooms done up, oh look, they don't want it! No way! And repeat week after week. I've seen 1 episode where an offer was made, and not accepted and that was that! Total waste of time.

LLL are looking for people, I'd apply if we were moving. Probably wouldn't get taken on though given we're no where near London and don't have a crazy budget.

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