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Twinkie1 Thu 14-Jan-16 14:52:14

Starts tonight on Lifetime at 9pm.

Worth a watch just to look at the pretty Paul guy.

Alisvolatpropiis Thu 14-Jan-16 14:55:13

Might watch.

Though I am amused at Abbey Clancy fronting it. She's never been a top model as far as I can recall (and indeed was a not very successful contestant on BNTM once)? I do like her though.

ThatsHowYouGetAnts Fri 15-Jan-16 12:58:27

Watched this last night. I do like a bit of Top Model and I'm glad Elle is no more.

Stopped watching ANTM when they got rid of the Jays and the Noted Fahion Photographer Nigel Barker, made half the contestants men and added that annoying "social media" aspect to the judging.

This seems back to basics so far, I like it smile

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