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Mary Portas - Secret Shopper on now Channel 4. Anybody else watching?

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SoleBizzz Wed 13-Jan-16 20:00:00

Looks like a cracking episode tonight.

TSSDNCOP Wed 13-Jan-16 20:06:42

I am, gripped already.

SoleBizzz Wed 13-Jan-16 20:07:52

Mary Portas clothing range was dropped from House of Fraserburgh.

SoleBizzz Wed 13-Jan-16 20:08:05


TSSDNCOP Wed 13-Jan-16 20:09:28

Ah...Sidcup. That's not far from me!

SoleBizzz Wed 13-Jan-16 20:10:47

Looks nice there in Sidcup.

TSSDNCOP Wed 13-Jan-16 20:11:17

I worked in retail and they definitely manage by camera.

SoleBizzz Wed 13-Jan-16 20:13:15

Oh my gosh! How uncomfortable must sales assistants feel. Customers treat sales staff like shit

OverScentedFanjo Wed 13-Jan-16 20:15:37

I've worked on the side lines of a very similar set up. It's so toxic.

TSSDNCOP Wed 13-Jan-16 20:15:49

What happens Sole is managers sit at home or in the office and watch staff. then they come bowling out and say you aren't working hard enough 🤔

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Wed 13-Jan-16 20:16:50

awww I felt awful for the 15 year old. She's to young for all that shitsad

SoleBizzz Wed 13-Jan-16 20:18:20

TSS the fucking arseholesangry

TSSDNCOP Wed 13-Jan-16 20:18:28

The biggest issue this lot have is a mutual lack or trust and respect. They know there's trouble between the managers so that's more griste to the mill. And then all that rubs off on the poor customers. Vicious circle. Trouble is unless all sides admit they've behaved badly and agree to work together it won't change.

Snazarooney Wed 13-Jan-16 20:23:48

It's great they're highlighting the affects of endemic management workplace bullying.

OverScentedFanjo Wed 13-Jan-16 20:24:18

They won't change. The boss is evil and once the trust has gone, it's not going to work.

Hairdressing is a bitchy environment anyway. I feel for the staff, I know what it's like.

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 13-Jan-16 20:24:21

This is horrendous

OverScentedFanjo Wed 13-Jan-16 20:25:05

The boss thought she was too soft????? She's a massive bully.

TSSDNCOP Wed 13-Jan-16 20:29:00

I bet she's actually quite nice but she just can't get her head round the fact that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

SoleBizzz Wed 13-Jan-16 20:29:31

Her Mother committed suicide and she found her at the age of twelve. I guess that might be where he strong need for control comes from.

TSSDNCOP Wed 13-Jan-16 20:31:56

She obviously needed to be tough. In a hirdressring salon, which is a bit emosh at the best of times she just doesn't fit.

Snazarooney Wed 13-Jan-16 20:32:40

That's an explanation for the bullying but not an excuse. There is never an excuse.

SoleBizzz Wed 13-Jan-16 20:34:01

I agree TSS not the right environment for her.
I agree Snaz.

TSSDNCOP Wed 13-Jan-16 20:38:17

It would be nice to hear the team say they've been wrong too.

OverScentedFanjo Wed 13-Jan-16 20:38:44

I'm not sure that she will change. I think for a few weeks, but then those cameras will be back on.

OverScentedFanjo Wed 13-Jan-16 20:39:59

I'm not sure the team are wrong. They aren't respected or appreciated. They feel like shit.


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