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Derron Brown

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The80sweregreat Wed 13-Jan-16 09:36:48

Did anyone watch last nights one off programme The Push? I saw the rest of it today and was surprised they showed the man not being compliant, but the two women taking part were. ( I know one man was also compliant too, but he focused more on the women) It shows how much we can be told what to do, even though we know its not the right thing. I would have thought that a women would be less likey to do the wrong thing , but it goes to show how little I know about human nature! He fascinates me with his programmes, ( especially the shows that he does) although DH isn't a fan at all and thinks he is just annoying!

Dumbledoresgirl Wed 13-Jan-16 14:01:51

I am fascinated by this sort of thing too and fortunately dh (who would side with your dh) was away last night so I got to watch the whole way through.

I actually could not believe that anyone so normal and respectable as all 4 people appeared to be would go along with almost any of it. Labelling meat products as veggie food? Yeah, ok, maybe I would do that, if pushed and under immense social pressure. The rest of it? No way! I wouldn't even have gone along with hiding the body, and I was openly gobsmacked when the women agreed to kick the dead body to create bruising (it wouldn't work would it? so long after death?)

I'm afraid I think pushing a person off the roof was fake. A lot of the acting was quite fake - I think I would have smelt a rat especially the people saying 'is this a joke?' when they go back to the body in the stairwell and it wasn't there. They sounded so fake! And equally, I don't buy the way the subjects pushed the man off the roof. a) because it is completely unlikely anyone would do that unless a member of the mafia and b) because they didn't push hard enough. Ordinarily, a man would feel pressure on his back and resist a bit so if you really wanted to push him off you would need to use more pressure than I think the subjects did.

But just in case the pushing was for real, all I can say is, well done the man who just said no and walked away. There is no hesitation in my mind that I would have done the same.

The80sweregreat Wed 13-Jan-16 15:12:27

Dumbledoresgirl. Love your user name! I agree that the acting was really stagey. Considering the participants had gone along for an interview previously (and, presumably, seen his Tv shows before) i kept thinking 'surely the penny will drop soon '. I was glad that Chris refused, as they contentrated on him for most of the show i was quite relived really!
The way theymade that body was fasinating though, it was very life like .
Odd little programme, but also made me realise how we can be manilulated too. I hope they show his next theatre show on t.v soon.

Dumbledoresgirl Wed 13-Jan-16 15:36:32

Ha ha! My 15 yo dd came in half way through and was also fascinated by the making of the body. She said she wished she had a replica of herself - teenagers are sooo narcissistic, aren't they? grin

The80sweregreat Wed 13-Jan-16 15:43:40

Yes, it was really well done. Yes, teenagers, bless em! My 18 year old is very self absorbed too. I cringe at how i was too at his age ( long time ago now) but you live and learn.
He does fasinate me, but dh and others are a bit 😱
I know someone who went to the theatre to see him and hated it!

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