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Celeb Big Bro Thread 4 - Pregnancy, death, what next? David and Gemma tying the knot?

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AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 11-Jan-16 15:28:00

Bloody hell, some of us have to go to work! We're a talkative bunch, aren't we? Thread 4 already!

So Ange is apparently staying while she grieves for someone she hasn't spoken to for 40 years...

SoleBizzz Mon 11-Jan-16 15:28:57

Hello PWB'S grin

Only1scoop Mon 11-Jan-16 15:29:26


Only1scoop Mon 11-Jan-16 15:29:56


FelixFelix Mon 11-Jan-16 15:30:01

Wahey! Thanks for the new thread grin

Only1scoop Mon 11-Jan-16 15:30:10


SoleBizzz Mon 11-Jan-16 15:30:11

I am first


SoleBizzz Mon 11-Jan-16 15:30:51

Scoop was lurking! Too late Scoop grin

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 11-Jan-16 15:31:37

Hahaha! Lurking scoop!

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 11-Jan-16 15:32:08

Angie's behaviour is already erratic, I hate to image what she'll be like now. Hopefully she'll be up for eviction as she's already argued with Tiffany, Danniella and Gemma.

SoleBizzz Mon 11-Jan-16 15:32:26

Two one Scoop gringringrin

Only1scoop Mon 11-Jan-16 15:32:32

Bloody refresh not quick enough.

Wanted to be Stealth.


SoleBizzz Mon 11-Jan-16 15:34:20

Lurky lurky not a worky grin

Only1scoop Mon 11-Jan-16 15:34:43

I was sat here in car waiting for littlun' to finish school and must admit was chuckling to myself feeling all smug reading the final posts.

Thought I had it in the bag.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 11-Jan-16 15:35:19


SoleBizzz Mon 11-Jan-16 15:35:28

I live when a plan works out
. <puffs cigar>

SoleBizzz Mon 11-Jan-16 15:37:37

Angie hasn't spoken to David for 40 years. Gosh!

MrsJayy Mon 11-Jan-16 15:40:25

New thread ta muchy, what was( that girl whos name i have forgotten but not stephanie) crying about i watched the lunchtime showing was there an arguement ? I wonder if Angie feels safer in than out maybe she doesnt want to be bombarded witn questions she doesnt seem very stable though I wonder what her advisors said to her.

SoleBizzz Mon 11-Jan-16 15:41:32

Wikipedia Angie Bowie

Married to DB from 1970 - 1980.
2 children.

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 11-Jan-16 15:42:04

Megan was crying coz Steph was crying about her dead granddad and no-one had asked Megan about her dead granddad.

SoleBizzz Mon 11-Jan-16 15:42:23

One child Son Duncan

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 11-Jan-16 15:42:35

Was DB the father of both of Angie's kids?

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 11-Jan-16 15:43:02

I ask because she said she was estranged from her son but very close to her daughter.

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 11-Jan-16 15:43:48

One child Son Duncan aka Zowie Bowie, best name ever.

MrsJayy Mon 11-Jan-16 15:45:44

Did they know Megan (thank you) had a dead granddad what a weird thing to have a strop about

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