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Amy documentary / film

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NewBallsPlease00 Sun 10-Jan-16 00:59:27

Did any one watch? Was so painful, such a slow car crash, such a waste
How you stop it is easy to speculate from the side lines but must have been heart breaking for those close to her
Definitely makes me think about those around me- what I see daily vs reality more emotional turmoil not heroin

MoonriseKingdom Sun 10-Jan-16 07:22:03

A very high quality documentary. I was amazed how much personal footage existed.

The early bits where she was performing showed what incredible talent she had. I think I mainly remember the dishevelled performances of later years so it shocked me how good she was. She looked so healthy and full of life early on.

Blake came across as cynical and nasty. He seemed to just want her for the money she had. I know she was on a path of self destruction but he was a total obstacle to her seeking help. Her father came out of it very badly (my daddy thinks I'm fine!) as well.

If you haven't seen this yet I would highly recommend watching it.

msrisotto Sun 10-Jan-16 07:27:56

I saw this is the cinema with George, I wouldn't have chosen to watch it myself but I was really glad I did. I had never been a massive fan of her music but I really gained an appreciation for her lyrics.

Rollergirl1 Sun 10-Jan-16 08:36:21

I watched and thought was excellent. I was surprised how sorry I felt for her (at the time I didn't have a very high opinion of her).

She was so vulnerable and yet was being exploited by everyone around her (Blake, her Dad, her manager). She just needed one of those people to give her a hug and say STOP AND GET BETTER. But everyone was getting their own little piece of her and using her for their own wants.

The Serbia gig was heartbreaking. She so didn't want to do it but wasn't able to say no. And so inevitably it turned in to the car-crash it was.

ihatethecold Sun 10-Jan-16 08:39:57

Her flatmates seems to be the only people who really cared about her and wanted her better.
The scene in St Lucia was horrid when her dad turned up with a film crew. what a freeloading arse!

EricNorthmanSucks Sun 10-Jan-16 08:42:18

It's excellent.

Such a talent. So many difficulties. Would she have been that talent without all the raw pain?

Clearly those around her didn't much care!

Crapbags Sun 10-Jan-16 09:06:34

Does anyone know if this is available on catch up? I can't seem to find it anywhere

Whoknewitcouldbeso Sun 10-Jan-16 09:09:17

I started watching it yesterday and funnily enough I said similar to DP, that all I remember was her car crash years and the early footage makes me realise what a fab voice she had.

The80sweregreat Sun 10-Jan-16 09:51:45

It was sad. Very well made, but a reminder of how drink and drugs can ruin lives.

SisterNancySinatra Sun 10-Jan-16 09:58:55

It made me think that the music industry acted like an all consuming monster trying to put her into their consumer box . She said a couple of times on the film she wanted to push forward all the time and concentrate on jazz but I think the music industry was making her into a commercialised pop artiste and she knew that was not her real direction . She said she didn't make music for fame or money but of course as soon as she started receiving all the awards she wasn't her own person any more and that where the rebellious nature kicked in .

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sun 10-Jan-16 10:02:25

Crapbags it was on one of the 4 channels so should be on 4OD.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sun 10-Jan-16 10:06:32

... Except I've just had a look and it isn't there. Odd. Maybe a licensing issue? Not sure if it's available elsewhere.

SisterNancySinatra Sun 10-Jan-16 10:16:14

Tony Bennet was right too when he said she was a really important musician who should be revered but she was hounded by the press and had such awful jokes and comments made about her . The media and country should of protected her . I bet the Americans would of done if she was one of theirs .

Youcantmoancanyou Sun 10-Jan-16 10:20:35

I think Sky Movies will be showing it shortly TheGirl if that's any good to you?

ihatethecold Sun 10-Jan-16 10:49:45

Watching the paparazzi hound her made me cross.

HooseRice Sun 10-Jan-16 10:54:49

It was well made. I said on another thread I'm going to dig out her CDs for another listen.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sun 10-Jan-16 12:24:02

Thanks, YouCant, I watched it on Friday, it's Crapbags who wanted to find it on catch up.

It was such a sad story, neither of her parents came out of well, and her husband seemed a complete user. I'd imagine even very stable well adjusted people find it hard to cope with media scrutiny, a vulnerable person like Amy stood very little chance.

The80sweregreat Sun 10-Jan-16 12:38:21

Love is a losing game is one of my favourite songs. I was never a huge fan, but the lyrics are just heartbreaking. I think people did try to help her, but addicts are sometimes beyond it. I was also surprised at the footage of her before she was really famous. She looked so different.

chickensaresafehere Sun 10-Jan-16 14:10:05

Just finished watching it & it reduced me to tears. So sad,especially what she had said to her bodyguard about taking all her talent away to be able to walk down the street unrecognised.

anonacfr Sun 10-Jan-16 21:12:04

Just finished watching it. It was heartbreaking. Her wanting to focus on jazz remind me of Jimi Hendrix who also wanted to drop out of 'commercial' music and play the blues instead.

It was a terrific documentary.

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