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Food Unrapped

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Stoneagemum Mon 04-Jan-16 22:06:01

I'm confused with there 'sugar free' cake using olagofructose (sp?). I thought if it ended in 'ose' eg fructose, glucose etc then it is a type of sugar confused

Am I mistaken or is this just another junk science/healthy food myth they are peddling?

ppeatfruit Tue 05-Jan-16 13:24:28

Stoneage I THOUGHT that fructose (well it says so on the box that I buy) is fruit sugar (so naturalish) and is slower to raise blood sugar levels than normal sugars but who bleedin' knows grin?.

This programme is a bit weird in that it professes to know everything and no one knows everything IME and IMO. And what was that bit about putting your feet in iced water about FGS!!!?

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