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Anyone watching Deutschland 83?

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Destinysdaughter Sun 03-Jan-16 21:35:29

Am enjoying it so far. Very intriguing
premise and beautifully shot. I don't mind subtitles, find they make me concentrate more and am very interested in this period of history. Looking forward to see how it develops...anyone else? ( guess most of you are watching War and Peace tonight!)

Palomb Sun 03-Jan-16 21:36:52

I've got it,on series link and will watch it tomorrow smile it does look good.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 03-Jan-16 21:50:23

just started. Hard to read mn and watch subtitles.

SauvignonBlanche Sun 03-Jan-16 21:53:46

We're watching it, it's good so far.
I'm hearing impaired so can't watch anything without subtitles so that's not bothering me. smile

Destinysdaughter Sun 03-Jan-16 21:54:54

Indeed! You have to totally concentrate on it. Like the way it's developing so far, feels like food for the soul after so much reality crap...
( personally )

Destinysdaughter Sun 03-Jan-16 21:58:01

Loving the soundtrack too, makes me realise it really wasn't so long ago that all this happened.

Destinysdaughter Sun 03-Jan-16 21:58:45

( apologies to Sauvignon Blanche) x

Panicmode1 Sun 03-Jan-16 22:11:25

We watched it (and will watch War and Peace tomorrow!). Really enjoyed it, loved the music and am intrigued by the premise. (My father was working at NATO during this period of time and I am a Russian graduate so it's all fascinating - the bit when he went into the supermarket reminded me of when I took my Russian exchange graduate to Waitrose after she had got off the plane from Russia and almost fried her circuits. I had been back from Russia for a year by then and had forgotten how little there was to buy in 'supermarkets')

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sun 03-Jan-16 22:13:35

Loved it.

patterkiller Sun 03-Jan-16 22:18:05

Brilliant. Even sub title shy DH enjoyed.

Hassled Sun 03-Jan-16 22:18:20

I really enjoyed it - and found subtitles far less hard work than I'd expected. Odd to think that only 6 years later the wall was down and it was all over.

There is some discussion on the Homeland thread, for no particular reason other than a general love of spies.

IrenetheQuaint Sun 03-Jan-16 22:20:22

I enjoyed it - lots of plot implausibilities but good fun and great period detail.

GlowWine Sun 03-Jan-16 22:20:57

Just starting it now on +1. Love it so far, but more from a nostalgic point of view, as we've not exactly had much plot. Yes it's my era and my country, so no struggling with subtitles here! The hair and clothes on those students who had their books confiscated were absolutely spot on

2rebecca Mon 04-Jan-16 09:10:54

Loved it though thought it highly unlikely you'd pick your only nephew for a dangerous mission especially if he's not keen. He looks far too young to be trusted that high up in the army and odd if he was that eminent no one in Bonn had met him before

Yoksha Mon 04-Jan-16 09:45:17

I'm enjoying this so far. This period in history intrigues me. There's a military museum in Dresden, and the section on the "cold war" is immense and very detailed. The young featured prominently in indoctrination techniques. It's like any high-control group when the old guard are dying off. I watched an indoctrination film whilst there and found myself being totally sucked in with the indoctrination/influence. Not that I'm easily influenced in real life.

Yoksha Mon 04-Jan-16 09:47:11

* apoligies for the overuse of the word indoctrination peeps.

Cremo Mon 04-Jan-16 11:35:16

Yorksha if you ever get the chance , go to The Stasi Museum in Berlin. It was the Stasi HQ and nothing has been changed since 1989 when it was stormed. Also can recommend Anna Funder's book Stasiland which is full of heartbreaking accounts by real East Berliners who tried to cross the Wall.

Loving Deuschland 83. Some sublime moments so far: the supermarket scene, the real coffee, the mid-century sets in the East ( nothing changed for decades) the comment about how his parents must have done something right, ( how corrupt the west was becoming) and those 80's hairstyles.grin

Destinysdaughter Mon 04-Jan-16 11:37:29

Was undecided last night about whether to watch this or War and Peace. Think I made the right choice!

Moln Mon 04-Jan-16 11:44:09

Before I say anything how long has it been on?

It's been broadcast where I am since the start of December - will need to know before I open my big gob and say something I shouldn't!!

Yoksha Mon 04-Jan-16 12:00:14

Cremo brill username BTWgrin. Thanks for recommendations. Good excuse for return visit to Germany. One of my most favourite places. Never been out of Europesad

2rebecca Mon 04-Jan-16 12:11:11

started yesterday with ep 1

BobandKate0 Mon 04-Jan-16 12:25:11

Thought it very good,thou did supermarkets really play eurythmics over the tannoy in 1983,thought they stuck to bach.
I was thinking if this was a bbc production by ben stephenson we would still be on page one plot wise, with lots of naked men in shot.

Moln Mon 04-Jan-16 13:43:55

Episode 1?

Oh gawd

<taps foot impatiently unable to discuss>

NickiFury Mon 04-Jan-16 13:54:16

I've not watched it yet but recorded it. I lived in Germany through the eighties and nineties so I am looking forward to it and seeing if it is accurate.

allwornout0 Mon 04-Jan-16 17:05:44

Does anyone know if episode one is going to be repeated?

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