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Anyone watching Jools Holland's Hootenanny?

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Destinysdaughter Thu 31-Dec-15 23:22:09

I am, since I have nothing better to do on NYE! He's got some good acts but AIBU to think that Jess Glynne's voice sounds a bit thin live? ( not sure if I've spelt it right!)

Destinysdaughter Thu 31-Dec-15 23:29:12

Oh God and now it's that funny little man who crouches down while he sings and looks like he's about to have a nervous breakdown....!

applecatchers36 Thu 31-Dec-15 23:30:28

We are watching it, or rather I am DP is snoozing on the sofa. We have young DC and am currently pregnant so this is as exciting as it's going to get. DP has just said can you nudge me at midnight smile, might push the boat out & get a J20 out of the fridge..yay! Enjoy Jools though always an eclectic mix...

CharleyDavidson Thu 31-Dec-15 23:31:18

I came on here to ask why that man can't stand up to sing.

CharleyDavidson Thu 31-Dec-15 23:31:50

I wouldn't mind, but DH put it on as he always likes to watch it, and has since buggered upstairs.

Destinysdaughter Thu 31-Dec-15 23:32:54

Future Islands! That's what they're called. And now a bit of good old ska, yay!

ClaudiaWankleman Thu 31-Dec-15 23:33:40

I thought Jess sounded terrible live. I never knew whether she would hit the next note or not. Very patchy.

I can always get on board with a bit of ska though.

HemanOrSheRa Thu 31-Dec-15 23:36:42

Bit of Ska! Yus! Sad about Rico though. He was FABULOUS!

GhostsComeWith Thu 31-Dec-15 23:38:15

God I am watching it as dh is working tonight. I have hated everything I have heard so far......hope it gets better!!!!!!!

hugoagogo Thu 31-Dec-15 23:39:03

Loving future islands, they are my new discovery- I shazzamed them in a shop a couple of months ago! I cannot get my head around his voice coming out of his mouth- tis wonderful!

hugoagogo Thu 31-Dec-15 23:40:03

I no likey this lady (cringe)

GhostsComeWith Thu 31-Dec-15 23:41:17

I hated future islands. Had to turn the sound down!!!! I prefer her....

MooseTrap Thu 31-Dec-15 23:41:22

Thank fuck she's finished, my ears were hurting.

GhostsComeWith Thu 31-Dec-15 23:43:07

I DO like Hozier though.....

ClaudiaWankleman Thu 31-Dec-15 23:43:38

It doesn't seem very... celebratory this year. Anyone remember Paolo Nutini's performance ?

I know he is probably horrendously high, but that smile and that song are the best thing I've ever seen on JH.

augustusglupe Thu 31-Dec-15 23:43:42

Oh Hozier....things are looking up wink

Destinysdaughter Thu 31-Dec-15 23:44:48

LOVE Hozier!

hugoagogo Thu 31-Dec-15 23:45:13

Hozier gets stuck in my head, but is pretty good.

Destinysdaughter Thu 31-Dec-15 23:45:58

I wonder if he's sick of singing that sing yet...?

applecatchers36 Thu 31-Dec-15 23:46:58

Paul Weller is looking old

hugoagogo Thu 31-Dec-15 23:47:25

Paul weller is looking well crumbly!shock

HemanOrSheRa Thu 31-Dec-15 23:47:47

Yes I remember that Claudia. I just thought he was happy confused . But it was a beautiful performance. Loved it.

Dear old Paul is on now. Step it up Jools!!!!!

GhostsComeWith Thu 31-Dec-15 23:47:52

Paul weller, snore fest!

I agree paolo nutini was incredible as was Amy wine house.

Destinysdaughter Thu 31-Dec-15 23:48:40

I do enjoy JH, it's pretty much the only music show on TV these days. Apparently there's talk of bringing TOTP back.... Watched it on Xmas day and enjoyed it so much! The Tube was better tho.

( apologies to you youngsters who don't know what I'm talking about!)

GhostsComeWith Thu 31-Dec-15 23:49:38

Why is ruby what sit on every year?? Never see her any other time of the year!

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