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Stick Man

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MamOfTwo Sat 26-Dec-15 11:45:06

Anyone else catch the animation of this yesterday? DC were transfixed, I was sniffling and even DH had to go out of the room when it finished claiming he had something in his eye grin

MagpieCursedTea Sat 26-Dec-15 11:46:44

I cried the whole way through!

TenThousandSpoons Sat 26-Dec-15 11:47:08

Yes, it was lovely smile

TenThousandSpoons Sat 26-Dec-15 11:47:35

I didn't cry though!

oneowlgirl Sat 26-Dec-15 12:00:37

It was brill grin

MsInterpret Sat 26-Dec-15 12:01:55

It was great. Enjoyed it much more than the book!

insancerre Sat 26-Dec-15 12:05:21

Loved it!
Ii made dh watch it with me

urbanturban Sat 26-Dec-15 12:14:44

Ah so glad it wasn't just me who was all emotional watching it!

We have the book and have read it many times but I think the animation made it much more poignant!

We watched it around 8 pm in the dark with just the Christmas tree lights on and DDs (8 and 5) and DS (3) were enchanted!

NowBringUsSomeFuzzpiggyPudding Sat 26-Dec-15 12:24:44

It was brilliant! That's the one I've been hoping they'd make ever since they did the Gruffalo. I was actually gutted on the years when they didn't make one.

I loved the fact they even put the hidden Gruffalo in from the book.

What do you all think they should do next? DH reckons Highway Rat, I think Snail and the Whale has a more fantastic quality. DD thinks Monkey Puzzle - I can really see that making everyone cry if made into a film!

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sat 26-Dec-15 12:36:04

So lovely! I had sweaty eyeballs watching it (sniff!)

LittleFishBigOcean Sat 26-Dec-15 12:42:43

We had 4 pre-school children and 6 adults in silence watching it. And then had to watch it again on the iplayer at bedtime!

MarthasHarbour Sat 26-Dec-15 23:11:09

Me and DH watched it all snuggled up with DS1 age 6 and DS2 age 20 months. We were all enchanted. We have read it so many times now but I was still a blubbering wreck by the end smile

I agree - Monkey Puzzle would be brilliant

ceeveebee Sat 26-Dec-15 23:30:17

I loved it too - my 4 yo DTs sat transfixed through the whole thing.
Would love monkey puzzle too. Or what the ladybird heard although that's more fun than poignant!

Dec2015 Sat 26-Dec-15 23:31:54

Oh we've got it recorded. Really pleased they've done it.

Notanangryone Sat 26-Dec-15 23:34:02

What channel was it on please? Can't believe I missed it. Loads of good TV stuff is escaping me this year, for some reason.

FishWithABicycle Sat 26-Dec-15 23:34:54

Yes I cried. It was a great adaptation.

AtSea1979 Sat 26-Dec-15 23:36:25

We loved it. Didn't cry though hmm
We haven't got Monkey Puzzle, I think I might have to get it now!

ceeveebee Sat 26-Dec-15 23:38:32

When we first read Monkey puzzle to my then 2yo DD she was shocked - but how could anyone lose their mummy? - and then was very clingy for a few weeks. It's a clever ending though

notquitehuman Sun 27-Dec-15 16:59:44

It was a good adaption. The cartoons of the books wind me up a bit as they tend to say the dialogue really slowly, with lots of unnecessary pauses to fill out the half hour. It's like listening to William Shatner doing a dramatic reading..

I like Zog, because the princess decides she wants to do something more with her life and becomes a doctor. Go girl!

MajesticSeaFlapFlap Sun 27-Dec-15 19:02:54

T he five year old is watching the stick man for the 7th time today

Would love Zog or the snail and the whale

MissBattleaxe Sun 27-Dec-15 22:15:08

I'd like them to do Tabby McTat.

AliBingo Thu 31-Dec-15 18:52:22

We loved it too. What's the hidden gruffalo mentioned up thread? We haven't got the book...

fuzzpig Thu 31-Dec-15 19:09:52

SPOILER ALERT for those who don't want to know, don't read the bit below. grin

The hidden Gruffalo is hanging on the Christmas tree, in the room where Stick Man is on the fire near the end.

Cherrypie32 Thu 31-Dec-15 23:33:32

I'd like to see the Smartest Giant. Loved Stick Man.

AliBingo Fri 01-Jan-16 06:36:12

Ooh thanks will look out for the gruffalo next time we watch it (which is bound to be soon!)

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