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Carols from Kings.

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Sansoora Thu 24-Dec-15 17:25:40

Is anyone else watching or listening to it? I love it.

My grandchildren are all upstairs in bed, my adult children and their loved ones are all out at the pool having a swim, my very special youngest child aged 24 has just put out his mince pie etc for Santa and has been tucked up for the night, and Im here just enjoying it all and being very grateful.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

FatherToddUnctious Thu 24-Dec-15 17:45:57

Yes we're watching it, got my glass of Bailey's on the go, DH just arrived home from work, DD back from Uni curled up cosy on the sofa. Fire is lit, lights are twinkly! Feeling thankful and hopeful for a Christmas free from troubles this year.

Merry Christmas, love and peace to all x

Bunbaker Thu 24-Dec-15 17:51:34

Are you not in the UK? It seems very early to be going to bed.

I have the carols on as well. Just about to pour a glass of sherry and prepare the veg for tomorrow.

Sparklingbrook Thu 24-Dec-15 17:57:27

I have it on, and my second glass of wine on the go. Trying to feel a bit festive. I wondered the same Bunbaker about the early night.

planter Thu 24-Dec-15 18:02:29

It's on here.

Can't here a bloody thing over the kids, but it's on nonetheless smilewine

Bunbaker Thu 24-Dec-15 18:06:12

Oh Holy Night - my favourite.

MelanieCheeks Thu 24-Dec-15 18:16:14

An essential part of Christmas Eve!

dingdongMadHairDayonhigh Thu 24-Dec-15 18:18:52

I'm watching it. Love it. I'm stuck at home ill while my family are out celebrating a friends birthday and unable to go to church so it's nice to sit here with it on. I would love a glass of baileys or wine but my antibiotics are strong and don't mix well but I may ignore this for Christmas dinner

Oblique27 Thu 24-Dec-15 18:23:06

Yes, lovely and peaceful

Sansoora Thu 24-Dec-15 18:28:23

Im in the Middle East, in the land of Frankincense & Myrrh, and as daft as it sounds I like to pretend that once upon a time the 3 Wise Men were here as well.

Ive lived a lovely life here and in todays horrible world I wish people knew just how it is in the real sense rather than the 'other' sense.

Sansoora Thu 24-Dec-15 18:31:28

Ahhh that was lovely. smile

slkk Thu 24-Dec-15 18:31:53

I once knew someone in that choir. Apparently the boys don't know who is going to sing the first solo until the opening chords and the choir master just points at them and they sing. So they don't get too nervous.

Sansoora Thu 24-Dec-15 18:59:12

My goodness. Can you imagine that? Jeez.

I think I saw a documentary about it once that I really enjoyed.

BikeRunSki Thu 24-Dec-15 19:11:31

I was watching it, but we lost our TV reception! DS(7) was intrigued that the younger boys are not that much older than him.

wideboy26 Thu 24-Dec-15 22:19:35

I love this too and watch it every year. I sing in a choir and enjoy the quality of the singing by the Kings College choir; gives me goose bumps at times. Our choir isn't quite up to that standard. This year, however, I only saw the last 20 minutes - bah! MIL had control of the TV remote and couldn't find anything from the limited range of programmes she'll watch so she settled on the BBC News channel. Instead of Carols from Kings we therefore had an hour of the same news stories repeated over and over. When she got up to go to the loo I grabbed the remote and had a quick scroll - ah, just 20 minutes of Carols from Kings remaining! I'll watch it on catch-up if I can find a gap between all the old films, gardening programmes, murder mysteries and weather forecasts that comprise her staple TV diet.

PunkrockerGirl Thu 24-Dec-15 22:23:47

Loved it. It's always been the start of Christmas for me. Lovely selection this year I thought.

BintiAisha Sat 26-Dec-15 16:07:04

as daft as it sounds I like to pretend that once upon a time the 3 Wise Men were here as well. Jesus was Middle Eastern so were the 3 wise men, so of course you are the right place.

BintiAisha Sat 26-Dec-15 16:07:29

in the right place.

Sansoora Sat 26-Dec-15 17:14:12

Aisha, Hi smile

Local folklore has it that at least one of the 3 Wise Men were from the country Ive lived in for almost 40 years. Its also said that 'the' Frankincense & Myrrh came from here. I'd like to think it did and perhaps the 3 of them passed by outside my front door many many many moons ago. blush

Sansoora Sat 26-Dec-15 17:16:05

Wideboy I hope things improved grin

Bike - they're all so composed eh?

BintiAisha Sat 26-Dec-15 18:03:18

Sansoora- grin

fudgesmummy Sun 27-Dec-15 18:05:37

Slkk you are correct, 5 boys are picked to rehurse the opening solo, and they only know about 10 minutes before the start who has been picked to sing. We minded a little boy who whose mum worked as cabin crew so he lived with us for weeks at a time from 12 months old until he went to boarding school when he was 8. He started at King's as a chorister when he was 9 and only stopped when his voice broke at 13. He travelled over all over the world with the choir. We use to go up to Cambridge to hear him sing every term. Sadly he never got picked to sing the solo! He is now 14 and at Eton! We are incredibly proud of him

Lancome Sun 27-Dec-15 19:59:45


He could have sung with my son at Eton- end of November. My son is also 14 in D block! How fascinating!

Mumoftwoyoungkids Sun 27-Dec-15 20:06:32

I was in the congregation (and shown on the telly - I was in the posh seats right next to the choir) many years ago!

Don't watch it now though - not really sure why - just part of my life that is now over. Probably will again when the kids are a bit older and can enjoy the service.

fudgesmummy Sun 27-Dec-15 22:53:56

Lancome - we haven't been able to get up and visit him yet, we saw him in the summer holidays and he was so looking forward to starting at Eton. I don't know which block he is in lol! Dh and I are appointed his guardians in his mum's will and we consider him our "number 3" !!! He is known as our "wayward ward" in the family!! I wonder if he knows your son?

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