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The sound of music...Sunday 20 th itv

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Dowser Wed 16-Dec-15 09:24:21

Ive booked my place on the sofa.

I'm so excited about this . I grew up on this film.

Can't wait.

Anyone else watching?

ElviraCondomine Wed 16-Dec-15 18:09:36

Oh yes.
Phones on silent, DH removed from the sitting room (he doesn't get the SoM love) and if I had time, I'd make the DC outfits from curtains.

SO excited.

99percentchocolate Wed 16-Dec-15 18:12:03

I would be but will be out at the time, so shall be putting on the dvd when I get a chance.

Dowser Thu 17-Dec-15 09:53:00

Lol Elvira. Will you be wearing your nuns habit!

I always wanted to sing like Julie Andrews....when she came up the hill singing ' the hills are alive.....' it was just pure joy!

Want to grab a grandchild to watch it with me but grand daughter is too young and I don't think the boys will appreciate it

ElviraCondomine Sat 19-Dec-15 19:26:53

Dowser, take advantage of the lack of children, arrange your furniture in a circle and join in with Liesl and Rolf. You know you want to...

SorrelForbes Sat 19-Dec-15 19:37:12

I love the film but I'm slightly worried about this due to the appalling American live SOM that was shown a couple of Easter's ago and featured Carrie Underwood. Car crash TV.

SorrelForbes Sat 19-Dec-15 19:41:15

This however will definitely be brilliant!

2rebecca Mon 21-Dec-15 17:17:25

The songs were in the wrong order. I like the I have confidence in me song she sang on the way to her job. Far too much raindrops on roses. Singing it with mother superior was just silly. Haven't watched the rest so far.

SorrelForbes Mon 21-Dec-15 20:40:41

The songs were in the order of the original stage show.

5Foot5 Mon 21-Dec-15 22:03:54

Well DD and I enjoyed this and had a good sing-a-long. Poor DH ended up in the other room with the door shut so he could watch Sports Personality of the Year

2rebecca Mon 21-Dec-15 22:10:08

OK never seen that just the film

Dipankrispaneven Tue 22-Dec-15 14:11:34

I enjoyed it. There's another programme about how they made it, still available on ITV Player.

Rivercam Sun 27-Dec-15 22:16:08

Just caught up with this and really enjoyed it. I though Kara had a lovely singing voice, and fitted the part well.

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