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S9 E10 The Big Bang Theory *spoilers*

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SheHasAWildHeart Mon 14-Dec-15 19:47:42

Was not expecting that kiss!
I am glad that Sheldon has come to the realisation that he loves Amy by himself rather than the others pushing him into it.

VulcanWoman Mon 14-Dec-15 19:51:23

Yeah, I hope it all works out in the end. Do you think this will be the last series? sad.
Raj will probably marry Cinnamon.

SheHasAWildHeart Mon 14-Dec-15 20:58:55

I think there's at least one more series in it. The actors don't look in a hurry to move into new things. Am I pretty sure that one of the couples will have a baby before it ends.
I was surprised at how looong that kiss was. Am sure Sheldon has some kind of formula for how long a kiss must be!

VulcanWoman Tue 15-Dec-15 07:08:10

I'd say Bernadette and Howard will have the baby.
I'm sure Sheldon will be working out the perfect kiss formula. grin

VulcanWoman Tue 15-Dec-15 07:10:31

I got my son the Big Bang trivial pursuit cards for his birthday even though they were mostly for me grin

TheDrsDocMartens Sat 26-Dec-15 13:20:30

I got them for dd2 for the same reason grin

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