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Celeb Big Bro 2016 - calling all PWBs! Less than a month to go!

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AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 10-Dec-15 16:19:57

Time to prepare for chatting about nothing, discussing snacks and comparing advert breaks!

Not long now my loves, lets get ready to whinge about poor tasks, celebs we've never heard of and Emma's crap interviewing skills.

Seems like we've never been away....

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 10-Dec-15 16:31:39

Meant to say, rumoured start date is 6th January - is that earlier than normal?

Oh and for all the IACGMOOH addicts, Lady C and Spencer are rumoured to enter. Cue hoards of outraged people demanding Ofcom step in.....

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 10-Dec-15 17:16:57

Oooohhh! Just saw confirmed date is Tuesday 5th January!

motheroreily Thu 10-Dec-15 17:18:00

Oooo can't wait

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 10-Dec-15 17:26:37

Me too, mother, I was so disappointed with I'm a Celeb, I really want CBB to be good this time.

<realises this is a futile hope as it is always full of nobodies and disappointing z-listers>

ENtertainmentAppreciated Thu 10-Dec-15 17:38:37

Registering my interest grin

I don't mind if they're almost unknowns, although I do have a pet hate of glamour models and people who're only known for other reality series. I prefer people who've done a bit more in life, or to put it another way, prefer the programme makers to be a bit more creative.

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 10-Dec-15 17:44:16

Agree, EN, I am against the serial reality show ones, but ultimately don't care after the first week, and by the end they are all dead to me, so it doesn't matter that I've never heard of them pre-series.

ShellyF Thu 10-Dec-15 18:29:31

Hello all fsmile
Looking forward to this

ShellyF Thu 10-Dec-15 18:30:45

Need to diet first! In order to consume lots of snacks!

ENtertainmentAppreciated Thu 10-Dec-15 18:33:00

Hey Shelly, good plan/bad timing grin

Haggisfish Thu 10-Dec-15 18:33:00

I hope lady c doesn't go in.

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 10-Dec-15 18:33:24

Snacks are an integral part of the CBB IFPWB experience.

I am going to over-order Christmas nibbles in order to have a CBB stash ready for January.

<passes round pigs in blankets>

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 10-Dec-15 18:34:22

Me too Haggis. It will just pull in loads of whingers.

I like the years where loads of people get a chance to speak rather than one freak dominating everything.

ToastMakesMeHappy Thu 10-Dec-15 18:35:07

Oooh I'm in. Love cbb. Couldn't get into I'm a celeb, really hope cbb makes up for this smile

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 10-Dec-15 19:06:51

Me too Toast, I feel short-changed by IACGMOOH this year.

BeaBoo Thu 10-Dec-15 19:15:26

Anne you beauty! Thanks for the thread it's Felix but I have NC grin

AnneEyhtMeyer Thu 10-Dec-15 20:08:36

Yay! Bea! Nice to see you and love the new name!

Only1scoop Thu 10-Dec-15 21:17:17

Oh I'm home smile

I can put my slippers on and relax with you lot.

Even pick my nose

Dowser Thu 10-Dec-15 22:23:58

( Comes running breathlessly into the room...determined not to miss the party).

Phew thanks for the invite Annie Omg I hope Lady C will NOT be coming in .

I think my husband will leave home if she does.

Please god no screeching Americans this year. They can have Americans, just no screechy ones.
Going to make a cuppa and think of who my dream team would be.

I mean honestly ...whoever would have thought Duncan Bannatyne would have entered the jungle.

On that premise...Anyone is possible!

SinisterBumFacedCat Thu 10-Dec-15 22:45:22

Woo hoo I'm in!

Dowser Thu 10-Dec-15 23:13:51

Jamie Oliver only he's not allowed to ccok
Daniel Craig...what's mr bond really like. Does he get shaken or just stirred
Rooney Mara...she's just beautiful
Fergie...duchess one..should be interesting
Ruth...Eamonns wife...another bean spiller I think
Diana Athil...98 an amazing lady
Gordon Ramsay....he has to cook.
Victoria Beckham
Piers Morgan
Oscar Pistorius
Johnny Depp

Well pigs might fly. I must add I neither like nor dislike these people. I don't know them but I do find them intriguing.

I might tweak it a little.

SapientPearwood Thu 10-Dec-15 23:17:23

Who is Lady C and what is a PWB?
And was the last CBB really a year ago? shock

Dowser Thu 10-Dec-15 23:17:28

And here's the rumoured line up

I like my list better.

Dowser Thu 10-Dec-15 23:18:03

No it was August

Dowser Thu 10-Dec-15 23:19:19

I don't think I can stomach Gemma Collins after the pigs ear she made of I'm a celebrity!

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