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Got to love Ch5 and their Benefit Beauty Queens programme.

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Alfieisnoisy Mon 07-Dec-15 11:32:45

Tag line from one participant..."I should be able to spend my benefits on what I want" Hahahahahahahaha!

There will be lots,of judging and it won't be about beauty but about how much they spend.

And....being on benefits myself I will watch as I'd like to know where they find the spare cash. All I know is by the time I pay the rent top up, the council tax, gas, electric, insurance etc there is really only enough left to feed us. It's enough but doesn't stretch to buying much in the way of beauty Clinique habit is well and truly in the last for example.

But it's a typical Ch5 poverty porn programme....and I expect very little more than the standard stuff.

Alfieisnoisy Mon 07-Dec-15 11:36:13

Yep....just googled it...there is a Mail article about and another from The Sun....didn't click on either link but the words "scroungers" and "your taxes" appear to feature heavily grin

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