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New series of PREY starts on 9th December - ITV 9pm

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sadwidow28 Thu 03-Dec-15 00:09:22

This should fill a gap for those of us who will be bereft when Capital and London Spy ends.

Read below and see if you fancy watching.

I didn't watch series one - but it looks like this a 'new case'


It's a three part ITV drama about a copper, Marcus Farrow (played by John Simm) who gets accused of a crime he didn't commit.

ITV Sets Premiere Date For ‘Prey’ Season 2

Prey’s second season, which is not a direct sequel to season one, will tell the story of Prison Officer David Murdoch, whose life becomes complicated when events spiral out of control on a routine visit to a Manchester hospital with a female prisoner. David takes a phone call, which will change his life forever and suddenly sees him on the wrong side of the law. With the life of his heavily pregnant daughter, Emma, threatened, David has no alternative but to go ‘on the run’ and inadvertently becomes ‘the prey.’

Original cast member Rosie Cavaliero is reprising her role as DS Susan Reinhardt. While new cast additions include Philip Glenister as David Murdoch; Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as DC Richard Iddon, DS Susan Reinhardt’s (Cavaliero) new partner; MyAnna Buring as Jules Hope, the female prisoner David is escorting who quickly becomes his hostage when he gets “the call”; Ralph Ineson as DCI Mike Ward, DS Reinhardt’s new boss; and Sammy Winward as David’s pregnant daughter Emma. Kieran O’Brien and Lisa Millet also star.

Prey proved to be a critical and ratings hit when the three-episode first season, which starred John Simm, debuted last year and ITV’s Peter Fincham said around the same time that he was keen to greenlight a second season, which finally happened in April.

Series creator Chris Lunt returned to pen the scripts for the second season. Red Production Company is producing, with Tom Sherry back as the series producer, while Nicola Shindler once again served as the executive producer. Humans helmer Lewis Arnold is the director.

Read more - Eagerly anticipated 2nd series of Prey

sadwidow28 Thu 03-Dec-15 00:27:39

An Interview with Chris Lunt

The Scriptwriter: Wednesday, April 02, 2014

ITV Releases Trailer For ‘Prey’ Season 2

Prey series two trailer: this time Rosie Cavaliero hunts Philip Glenister

Prey series two trailer: this time Rosie Cavaliero hunts Philip Glenister

A first peek at the second series of ITV’s police thriller

Gripping drama Prey to return to ITV starring Philip Glenister and Rosie Cavaliero

ITV Press Release: 9th April 2015

sadwidow28 Sun 06-Dec-15 15:55:10

Just a little bump for those of you who like crime dramas. Starts this Wednesday so will give us something to follow for 3 weeks once LondonSpy and Capital end on Monday/Tuesday.

sadwidow28 Tue 08-Dec-15 13:59:47

Apparently, although this is the 2nd series - it is a stand-alone story.

I didn't see series one and I have only found it available free on Sky Go at the moment:


John Simm stars in a three-part high-octane thriller, the story of a man on the run, desperate to clear his name for the sake of his family.

Prey Series 1 (Box Set - 3 episodes) on Sky Go

NoahVale Wed 09-Dec-15 06:43:48

THANKS FOr the link
gonna watch it, Philip Glenister, why not

NoahVale Thu 10-Dec-15 06:39:02

i saw the first one and was not that impressed.
same is going for last night's. Very nice to see Philip Glennister in action though, very nice

ENtertainmentAppreciated Thu 10-Dec-15 14:30:30

I watched last night but don't think I'll watch again, it didn't do it for me.

sadwidow28 Fri 11-Dec-15 02:19:37

I have watched episode 1 twice now - I won't be watching again.

oldmum22 Tue 15-Dec-15 11:44:26

I have not watched this series before , so last week was the first episode for me. I really enjoyed Phil Glenister (who wouldn't?) but I am not to sure on the story line. So far it looks as if the viewer is in the same position as the Police and our Phil and I am not sure I like it ...will watch episode 2 and see what happens

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