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Yolanda and "My Love" RHBH

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EachandEveryone Wed 02-Dec-15 13:24:05

Apparantly are divorcing after four years of marriage. The way she spoke about him you'd think it had been twenty.

Fabellini Wed 02-Dec-15 13:31:17

Saw that today. I feel a little bit sorry for her as she always seemed to be clinging to him rather desperately- but given that it was his fourth marriage, she must have always wondered if it'd last.
I remember seeing an episode of RHOBH where she was having a procedure to remove a shunt, or canula or something, after treatment for her Lyme disease, and he was being most unsympathetic and clearly wasn't thrilled that he was having to deal with his wife being ill....I thought at the time that if she wasn't going to be dancing attendance on him and telling him how amazing he was, that he was giving every indication of being someone who'd be out of there at the first opportunity!

EachandEveryone Wed 02-Dec-15 14:19:17

Yes she really worshipped him. I wonder if they will be in the next one?

yolandafostersfridge Wed 02-Dec-15 16:02:44

Maaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaave. She seemed to really put him on a pedestal didn't she. it makes sense why they sold the Miami mansion now, along with the fridge (SOB!).

EachandEveryone Wed 02-Dec-15 22:39:00

Oh I can't remember the Miami house

Jakana Thu 03-Dec-15 11:00:17

David Foster and his numerous wives. Yolanda as Number 4 and anyway Foster seems more interested in looking after Andrea Bocelli than taking care of is wife.
Yolanda ''I treat my husband like a King''- Oh dear!

Wickedlittlehigh Thu 03-Dec-15 11:09:52

David Foster and his tedious piano parties where the arrogant egomaniac just had to be the centre of attention always made me feel so sorry for Yolanda. He didn't seem to care anywhere near as much for her as he cared for himself. Slimeball. But she was crazy to call him her King and that her role was to serve his needs. When she was unable to do this, they split.

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