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Am I the only one still watching hollyoaks?

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MusicalFanjo Wed 02-Dec-15 11:43:29

Where are you all?!

MusicalFanjo Wed 02-Dec-15 20:11:09

Well I guess I am the only one then grin

GothJoose Wed 02-Dec-15 20:19:15

My 60 year old mum does!

muddymary Fri 04-Dec-15 10:04:37

I watch it! I get too invested though and it's stressing me out. Just in case the writers are watching, this is what I want to happen:
Joe and Mercedes to stay together and be happy.
The gloved killer storyline to end.
Patrick to see the error of his ways before he dies. This is the most important one!!! I can't cope with a year of maxine going to prison again etc etc.

eckythumpenallthat Fri 04-Dec-15 10:05:22

Nope. I'm still watching it. Been watching it since my teens. Love it.

eckythumpenallthat Fri 04-Dec-15 10:06:24

Lol muddy if the writers are indeed floating around here I also have a request. BRING BACK SILAS!!!! I was half hoping he was the gloved hand killer!

MusicalFanjo Fri 04-Dec-15 10:41:46

The killer storyline is annoying me too. I imagine they will keep it going until Christmas/New Years now.

The Patrick and Maxine storyline is really dragging on now.

Arkkorox Fri 04-Dec-15 10:46:00

I have watched hollyoaks for 10 years, bloody love it. Bit bored of all the storylines at the mo. They best be building to something good.

MusicalFanjo Fri 04-Dec-15 11:19:36

I think Lindsey will be revealed at Christmas and I'm hoping they wrap up the peado Pete story too.

MusicalFanjo Fri 04-Dec-15 11:26:22

I don't think Freddie is dead either. His hand moved when he was in the boot of the car so perhaps he will be back at Christmas?

zombiemeow Fri 04-Dec-15 11:31:30

I love hollyoaks!

But fed up of the Robbie and holly thing though, and Lindsay not being found out.

And wtf is up with nico, she's creepy hmm

Sparklycat Fri 04-Dec-15 11:50:47

I am but far too many storylines are really pissing me off these days, so fed up of the Lindsey killer one and the Robbie Jason holy one. Ergh. Also hate the new family.

HerbieRidesAgain Fri 04-Dec-15 12:22:52

I watch it, but I am bored of the Patrick and Maxine storyline, also the Lynsey killer one. Hollyoaks do seem to d-r-a-g their storylines out a lot.

muddymary Fri 04-Dec-15 15:08:52

Oh and I hope Cameron doesnt cheat on Celine with leela!

IrianofWay Fri 04-Dec-15 15:13:01

Yes. I think you must be wink

There is a mass dive for the remote when the Simpsons has finished in this house.

Susiesoap7 Wed 16-Dec-15 19:37:15

I love hollyoaks, watch the omnibus every sun.morning. I. Love the Patrick n Maxine story, don't like the new family in the pub but like the daddy, he used to be in brookside years ago he was called pat. Wish holly n the twins would get sorted, don't like celine. Love Mercedes and thought she was brilliant in the baby storyline, it made me cry!

MusicalFanjo Wed 16-Dec-15 23:38:31

I'm quite confused. Joe went on holiday completely unable to walk and returns walking with barely so much as a limp. Wtf hmm

I'm looking toward to tomorrows e4 episode now.

afreshstartplease Mon 28-Dec-15 12:36:35

Freddie's coming back!

Susiesoap7 Mon 28-Dec-15 13:49:15

Poor ziggy!!

FairyFluffbum Sun 03-Jan-16 10:54:37

I've completely gone off it now. I was an avid watcher and really enjoyed it but too many things irritated me and just drag out too long so no more hollyoaks for me

Cric Sun 03-Jan-16 13:44:47

I still love it!

Susiesoap7 Sun 03-Jan-16 15:07:45

Me too, though I didn't want Freddie to come back, I really don't like him. I liked ziggy he made me laugh and I wanted him n teagan to get together.

Mumanddadtoone Mon 04-Jan-16 16:35:59

I really like hollyoaks but ffs will they please let Lyndsey be caught. Twins and holly - boring. Rip ziggy, really liked him. No chance of sandy coming back for the funeral (seeing as she's migrated to walford). Can't take any more misery for Maxine.
Will Cameron ever be found out?
Will lockie ever escape?
Will Pete ever be sent down?
Hope Mercedes and joe stay together
Hope Diane doesn't come back

MagpieCursedTea Mon 04-Jan-16 17:22:50

I'm still watching! I was proper shocked when Ziggy died, poor Teigan!

Pandora97 Mon 04-Jan-16 17:30:04

I'm still watching, although I'm very meh on it these days.

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