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Master of None- Netflix

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HairsprayQueen Fri 27-Nov-15 08:21:53

Couldn't find a thread about this series and I know there are some Aziz Ansari fans on MN.

I finished it yesterday and started it the day before, oops and really enjoyed it, although I thought the end was slightly cliched but not sure what they could have done otherwise. I really enjoyed the different relationships featured and the interactions.

Anyone else?

Cooroo Sun 29-Nov-15 11:41:37

Only watched one episode so far but didn't want you to feel alone! DP put it on so I had no idea what to expect. Enjoyed the humour but I'm not a huge fan of American series that are all about relationships so I'm not sure if we'll persevere. I'll check back ...

AlmaMartyr Sun 29-Nov-15 11:50:49

We're watching it atm but haven't finished it yet - just got up to the grandparents episode. I think some episodes have been fab (loved 'Parents') and some have been a bit meh. Great writing though, and it feels very different. I love Aziz so find it really interesting. I find the girlfriend quite annoying, but I thought the episode about feminism was excellent.

Sorry, that's very rambly! I find it difficult to articulate my thoughts on it. I think it's very good but somehow it's never my 'go-to' TV.

notquitehuman Tue 08-Dec-15 01:30:05

I'm enjoying it. Like the feel of the show and it's nicely filmed. Very amusing though not laugh out loud funny, and manages to tackle some important issues without being clichéd. Reminds me a bit of Louie which I also really enjoyed.

SushiAndTheBanshees Tue 08-Dec-15 01:38:41

Really like Aziz Ansari. Really wanted to enjoy this, and there's no denying there's some good writing in this series. But it just left me totally uninspired: I'm so over all this late-20s/ early-30s navel gazing and self obsession (funnier version of Girls, for example). So me me me. Wanted to yell at him to get over himself and just get on with stuff that really matters.

I appreciate the irony of the sentiment given the Parents episode, but I'm about 5x closer to his age than his parents'!

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