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Adele at the BBC

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Seeyounearertime Fri 20-Nov-15 21:20:05

Anyone watching this?

She has a decent voice but holy moly its droning, dull and boring. I'm not sure why she's dressed like a Christmas tree either tbh? smile

Bombaybunty Fri 20-Nov-15 21:21:59

I like her but she looks like she's borrowed a dress from her granny.

LillyBugg Fri 20-Nov-15 21:24:51

Ah see I'm quite enjoying it. The show. Not the dress.

patterkiller Fri 20-Nov-15 21:27:14

Arrhhh leave her alone. I like she's not not bothered by the celeb twaddle. Let her sing. Or turn it off.

Jellykat Fri 20-Nov-15 21:29:59

I'm enjoying it, loved the Adele audition clip, but am not overly keen on the new songs..

AgentProvocateur Fri 20-Nov-15 21:33:14

I like her singing voice, but her accent when she's talking is like nails down a blackboard for me. She seems like a genuinely nice person - not afraid to take the piss out of herself.

Seeyounearertime Fri 20-Nov-15 21:39:34

I only watched a little while, Corrie's on +1 smile, it was ok.
It's not made me want to rush out and buy the album mind you.

The GF reckons she borrowed the dress of Susan Boyle.... It made me laugh for some reason... grin

breward Sat 21-Nov-15 20:45:30

Just watched it on catch-up. Fantastic!!! One of her new songs sounded very Bette Midler-ish. I love a bit of Bette, so that was OK with me too.

Loved the reaction of the Adele tribute acts and Adele's put downs of herself... Sorry to make your ears bleed again!! Glad she's back.

dillite Sun 22-Nov-15 00:47:38

I loved that dress! And I love Adele.

Davros Sun 22-Nov-15 09:26:44

And I love her accent [tongue out emoticon]

Alfieisnoisy Sun 22-Nov-15 09:30:08

I loved the dress but am clearly not a style guru grin.

I love her voice and can't wait to hear the album. I thought it was a fabulous show and I will be watching it again when DS isn't here so I can view in peace.

I love Adele and I think her voice is amazing and beautiful.

dottypotter Tue 24-Nov-15 12:41:24

don't like her. Her voice is screechy and someone like you grates on me have to switch it off. I don't like her foul mouth either she dosent do herself any favours.

Drew64 Tue 24-Nov-15 13:54:20

I'm surprised many of you don't like her for various reasons but;
1 Oscar
1 Golden Globe
10 Grammys
4 VMAs
Not to mention various other awards she has won;

They can't all be wrong!

Different strokes for different folks.

For me, I like her;
I like her song writing, I like her singing, I like her as a person.
She seems a very grounded person which is not a bad thing in a world full of demanding divas.

PollyGone Tue 24-Nov-15 15:30:38

This is a more heartfelt version of 'Hello', from The Voice US.

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